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Author Topic: The Book of Kell  (Read 7493 times)

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The Book of Kell
« on: August 22, 2011, 07:46:34 PM EDT »

The Book of Kell
Chapter 1 - Part 1: The Beginning
The story as told in the Jedi Archives

If you haven't done so already, please read Kell Malo's bio HERE

     “Why must they take our child”, asked Vera Hoole Malo.

Vera, a beautiful woman of the Shi’ido race, had been on a pilgrimage to study the humans on the planet of Corellia. This is where she met and fell in love with her husband Tal.  Her species was a shape-shifting race, of which she passed on to her son Kell along with other traits they were known for.

     “Our child is special according to Master Ran.”, replied her husband, Tal.

Tal Malo was a master metallurgist, expert droid builder, and father to their only child, Kell.  He did not want to see his son go, but he knew that the life of a Jedi was a calling that could not be ignored. He had reluctantly summoned someone from the Corellian Jedi Order to witness some of their son’s strange “Jedi-like” powers.

     “Your husband is correct. Your son’s destiny lies along the path of a Jedi’s life.  He is bound for greatness. I have witnessed it in my own visions.”, said Master Jedi Ran Duine.

Master Ran Duine was an elder in the Corellian Jedi Order.  He had recently lost his friend and padawan on Korriban at the start of The Great War.  He was amazed at what he saw in Kell.  At the age of 5 he could already move heavy objects using the force and could manage physical feats that were impossible to achieve by any ordinary human. He had an odd ability to blend into his surroundings like a chameleon.  This trait was inherited from his mother, she was able to shapeshift and take the form of other beings and objects; it was an impressive feat for sure.

     With his intense emerald green eyes Kell looked at his parents and said, “I don’t want to go, but I will do what I must.”

     “A very grown up response from one so young”, said Master Ran.  “Your training will not be easy young one, nor will your life as a Jedi.”

     With that said, Kell turned to Master Ran, “I’m ready when you are sir.”

     “Pack only what you must, we leave in the morning young Padawan”, Master Ran’s eye’s flickered with excitement as he spoke the words.

After hugging his parents and saying goodbye, Kell and Master Ran left the beautiful town of Bela Vistal.  With one last glance Kell looked back at the rising sun coming over the mountainside where he had spent countless hours exploring and honing his physical abilities.  He would miss his home.

     “Where are we going now sir,” asked Kell.

     With a small chuckle Ran Duine replied, “You may call me Master now.  You are now my Padawan. I will teach you everything I know about the force, life, and anything else that may be of use to you.  One day you too will be a Jedi Knight and defend the Republic and Corellia as I have.”

Staring up at the great archway Kell and Master Ran entered the Corellian Jedi Training Center.  With it’s pristine architectural style and serene surroundings it made the perfect training grounds for would be Jedi. Master Ran Duine showed Kell to his living quarters. The rest of the quarters were empty for the most part as they were all out training, so Kell had a few quiet moments to himself before Master Ran Duine came back for him.

     “I hope you are ready to get started Kell.  Your training starts now”, said Master Ran.

     “I’m ready Master”, replied Kell.  The word “Master” rang in Ran’s ears, it brought back memories of his fallen Padawan.

     “We cannot beat him Master Ran”, exclaimed one of the Jedi trainees.  “He is too fast and strong for us.  We cannot figure out a way to best his fighting stylel.”

Kell, now 11 years old was at the top of his class, he was already a formidable opponent.   With his uncanny lightsaber form which his master dubbed “Uhl Oblivyn”, or “The Nothing”, as it followed no set form taught to Padawans in their training.  Kell felt that most of the moves in the Jedi lightsaber forms were useless and a waste of energy.  It was a bold assessment from someone so young.  Master Ran and the rest of the Council were impressed and concerned all at the same time.  Kell took the most effective moves from each form and made his own style, despite the criticism from his peers and elders. It was a very deliberate and powerful fighting style to say the least.  Most of his peers were no match for Kell and his unorthodox style.

With a small flickering light from a nearby candle Kell’s large shadow projected onto the dark cave walls.  He was now 16 and much more physically developed than a typical 16 year old.  Kell was preparing for the first of his Jedi Trials.  His preparation was of concern though; for the past 4 years Kell had been training himself in what some may consider the Dark Side of the force.  He had found he had a knack for using these powers, his force lightning had become powerful, not typical of someone so young.  He had also begun choking wild animals using the force as his tool; Kell was in awe of his new found powers.  If his master found out he would be most displeased, but Kell did not care, his powers far surpassed any of his Padawan brethren.  If the council found out he would be expelled.

“Where is Kell”, Master Ran asked himself.  He had grown suspicious of Kell’s long absences from the Jedi Training Center over the past few months.  Over the past few years he had felt uneasiness in the force when Kell was in his presence.  Members of the Council had expressed their concern as well and requested that he be brought before the Council.  Master Ran feared he was losing his apprentice to the dark side.  He would have to look for Kell.

The force had guided Master Ran to the outskirts of Coronet in a wooded area.  He felt a great disturbance in the force as he approached a small cave that descended into the earth.  For the first time in many years Ran felt fear. As he entered the cave he could hear what sounded like raw electricity and the smell of burning ozone.  As he came closer to the source he could make out a dark hooded figure meditating in a small alcove inside the large cave.  He knew at once it was his Padawan.  Electricity flowed from his fingertips and sparked as it found a home on the rocky walls. Shadows flickered against the wall and a feeling of darkness filled the stale air.

     “Kell”, Ran Duine exclaimed in a stern voice.  “What are you doing here boy?”

     “I am trying to become the most powerful Jedi you have ever seen master”, Kell answered.  At that moment he opened his eyes and stood up to face his master. Master Ran could make out a lightsaber laying on rock next to Kell.

     “I see you have constructed your own lightsaber.  Your skills are far beyond what I have imagined young padawan, but you are delving into powers you cannot begin to comprehend.  The council forbids this, I forbid this. These powers you wield are that of the dark side and this path you are on will only lead to pain and suffering.”

     “If it makes me more powerful, then that is my destiny Master”, retorted Kell.

     “You must come with me at once Kell. The Jedi Council has requested your presence”, pleaded Master Ran. All the while keeping an eye on Kell and his lightsaber.  Ran could feel the anger and rage building up inside of Kell and feared the worst was about to happen.

     With a deep breath Kell let his rage subside, “Yes master.”

     “We find you guilty of practicing the dark arts, betraying the Jedi code, and the trust of your Master.  Therefore, Kell Malo you are expelled from the Jedi Order and will not be allowed to complete your Jedi training.”, a member of the Jedi Council proclaimed. Almost in unison Master Ran Duine and Kell Malo’s heads fell in shame.

At the footsteps of the Jedi Training Center Kell said his goodbye to his former master and friend Ran Duine.

     “I have failed you master, but I promise I will become a powerful Jedi one day and redeem myself”, Kell told his Master.

     “No Kell, I have failed you. I should have watched your studies more closely.  This should have never happened.  Be careful the path you take in your pursuit of knowledge. The path I have foreseen for you is to be one of great trial and tribulations”, answered Master Ran.  “Mahn uhl Fharth bey ihn valle, my friend”, were the last words Master Ran would speak to his former student.

With no other words, Kell pulled his hood over his head and walked out of the Jedi Training Center with his head down in shame.  He dared not go back to his mother and father in fear of what they would think of him.  Kell decided he must leave Corellia, forever.

It was a cool clear night with a soft breeze. The lights glistened in Kell’s bright emerald green eyes as he stood on the front steps of the Coronet Spaceport looking for someone to take him away from this place he called home. He did not care where his travels took him, but he knew he could not stay here.  A few hours later Kell found himself a smuggler willing to take him to his next destination.  During their flight the smuggler told him stories of his run ins with the local authorities and how he was wanted in four different systems for smuggling illegal goods and spice. It was a long trip, so he took it upon himself to teach Kell the ins and outs of the smuggling trade.

     “You see kid, you don’t need that hokey Jedi stuff. It’s all about making a living and bringing the people what they want. Even if that means you have to bend a few rules to get it done”, Kell’s new smuggler friend rambled on.

Arriving at their destination on the planet of Carida, they said their goodbyes. Their long conversations had Kell thinking.  He realized he would need to make money somehow. Shedding his Jedi robe before stepping out of the spaceport, Kell would have to see what this new planet had to offer.  He was on his own now…

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Re: The Book of Kell
« Reply #1 on: August 24, 2011, 07:12:07 PM EDT »

The Book of Kell
Chapter 1 - Part 2: Seize the Day
The story as told in the Jedi Archives

     “Sai would like to collect what is owed to him”, said Kell.

     “Tell Sai I will pay him when I see fit,” exclaimed the local merchant.

Staring at the merchant with his emerald green eyes Kell called upon the force to do his bidding.  The merchant could feel a grasp around his throat, but no one was touching him. He clenched at his own throat as to try and remove the hand that was not there.  Al the while Kell stayed calm as he stared into the eyes of his mark.

   “For the last time, the credits if you will”, said Kell in a cool calm voice.

Pointing to a drawer at a workbench, Kell opened it to find a credit chip.  He released his hold upon the merchant and left as quietly as he had arrived.  Kell had gotten a job with a local crime lord, Sai VanMeer.  Sai was involved in all things illegal: gambling, extortion, loan sharking, weapons, and spice running.  If you could think of anything illegal, Sai was involved.  Kell had a need to make money to survive on his own.  Thanks to his smuggler “friend” he had hitched a ride with, a good word was put in for Kell with Sai.  As soon as Sai found out that Kell was a Jedi, he knew he had to have him.  He immediately put Kell’s skills to use; collecting credits, running packages, and “persuading” would be competition to pack up and leave town.  Kell was very good at what he did and didn’t mind some of the not-so-nice things he had to do in order to get the job done.  He was well paid for his endeavors and he began saving as much as he could so he could one day leave the planet he was on.  He had dreams of pursuing the true nature of the force, but that would have to wait…

   “Finally, that fool paid up.  I was hoping to have you kill him for crossing me”, snorted Sai.

   “It was my pleasure Sai.  People should learn they must pay for your protection and as well as pay back their gambling debts”, Kell said with a chuckle.

Kell had just turned 22 years old and had been working for Sai since he was 16.  Sai was almost like a father to Kell; he fed him and gave him a place to call home.  Kell felt very much at home in Sai’s compound, not a place one would expect to see a Jedi residing. There were always scantily clad women around, sex, drugs, and other illegal activities going on.  Kell had found it easy to resist most of the temptations laid in front of him.  He had dabbled in various spice strains and had many “girlfriends” within the compound, but he had not succumbed to it fully.

Something deep inside of Kell was bothering him about Sai.  Sai had been distancing himself from Kell lately and altering their agreements concerning money.  Sai knew Kell had made a name for himself over the years, he had grown powerful in the underground world and felt Kell was about to cut him out.  Little did he know what was already unfolding.

   “If we’re going to do this, we have to do it one hundred percent. There is no turning back”, said Kell to Urik Bendal.

Urik Bendal was Sai’s second in command; his right hand, his iron fist.  He had grown fond of Kell, the two had become very good friends over the years.  They were both tired of Sai taking everything for himself and leaving them the scraps.

   “I’m with you Jedi friend”, said Urik.

   “How many times have I told you not to call me Jedi?  I’m no Jedi”, Kell said with a sly grin on his face. It was a running joke between the two of them.

   “Tonight it will be done then. I’ll meet you in the courtyard and we will settle this once and for all”, Urik said with a menacing stare.

The night was hot and humid, and there was stillness in the air.  Kell meditated in his living quarters inside Sai VanMeer’s compound.  Every sound, every smell, was amplified tenfold as Kell continued his deep meditation.  At the same time Urik was preparing; armor, blasters, grenades, thermal detonators, all ready to go for what was in store for the evening.  Awakening from his meditation Kell made his final preparations.  He cinched up his bindings on his black battle armor clipped on his lightsaber and tucked away his small hold out blaster in a small compartment in his armor.

   “He’s sleeping in his quarters.  I counted two guards outside the door, four patrolling the foyer below and six patrolling the grounds,” whispered Urik. “I still don’t see why you or I couldn’t just kill him at breakfast; it would have been much easier than all this sneaking around.”

   “This way we can get rid of Sai and all of his men quickly and quietly.  Your way would have been much too messy,” Kell said with a smirk.

   “I like messy”, said Urik, returning Kell’s smirk. “You know, I’ve always wanted to see you in a fight Kell. I just hope all that meditation mumbo jumbo you do has prepared you for this.”

As they split up Kell moved around the right side of the courtyard, being careful to stay in the shadows and use his skin-shifting abilities to move about virtually undetected.  In front of him he spotted his prey, four guards taking a smoke break and chatting near the waterfall in the back corner of the courtyard.  Like a Corellian Sand Panther Kell made his move…

On the other side of the compound Urik found himself confronted with two guards.  He knew he would have to make it quiet or he would alert the rest of the guards to their presence and their opportunity to dispose of Sai VanMeer would be lost.  Pulling out his compact vibroknife, Urik made his approach from the shadows concealing his self in the foliage surrounding the courtyard.  The first guard went down quickly and quietly as Urik plunged his knife into the back of their skull.  He quickly dragged the guard into the shadows and made his approach to the other guard that was on the other side of the fountain, the trickling water had concealed Uriks footsteps and made the take down an easy one.

   “Two guards down. What is your situation on your side”, asked Urik over his commlink.  No answer.  “What is your status?”

Little did he know Kell was ready to pounce on his prey.  With a force leap from the top of the waterfall Kell hit the first guard on top of his head with his knee, breaking his neck and killing him instantly. Before the other three guards knew what was happening Kell had already ignited his lightsaber and cut through two of them like they were not even there.  With a quick tug of the force Kell pulled the blaster from the last guard’s hand. He then used the force to push him into the cascading water where he held the guard against his will until he drowned.

   “Four guards down over here”, Kell’s voice crackled over Urik’s commlink.

   “Four? That was quick. Meet you at the rear entrance’, said an emasculated Urik.

Upon arrival at the rear entrance Kell could see Urik hiding behind a small bush.  They spotted five more guards that Urik missed on his initial consensus.   There was too much open ground between them and the guards, they would be spotted and their cover blown.

   “Looks like we have to alter the plan a bit”, said Urik over the commlink.

Walking out of the shadows Urik strolled up to the five guards and started chatting and bummed a smoke from one of them.  Since he was Sai’s second in command, the guards were none-the-wiser. Kell knew he was going need help with five guards. He quietly slipped into attacking position while they were preoccupied.  High above at the edge of the roof Kell peered down at his targets. In his mind he had seen exactly what was to happen. He lept from the roof and while still in the air ignited his lightsaber. With a snap and a hiss his green blade came to life as he cut through all five guards with one stroke of his blade.  With awe Urik looked at Kell.

   “Very impressive Kell. Now we just have the guards inside to dispose of and then Sai will be dealt with”, said Urik while taking one last drag of his smoke.

Now inside they had all but a handful of guards to dispose of.  As Urik came around the corner he was spotted by one of the guards.  With a look of surprise, the guard dove for cover as Urik drew his blaster carbine and opened fire on the fleeing guard. Just then three more guards entered the foyer, drawing their fire upon Urik and Kell’s position.

   “We need to make this quick. I’m sure Sai is awake now and getting ready to escape”, exclaimed Kell over the sound of blaster fire.

   “I have just the thing!” Just then Urik brandished a round sphere and Kell’s eyes widened in disbelief at what Urik was about to do. “Don’t worry! It’s a special one, won’t cause to much damage!”

   “You have to be kidding me!” Kell yelled as he ran from the area in a hast.

Urik rolled the device into the foyer as he turned and followed Kell back outside. As it rolled past the first guard, he eyed with a look of shock on his face.  He yelled at the others to run, but it was too late. The particle field already had them all in its blast radius, they entire room was obliterated instantly, taking all of the guards in the foyer with it.  Kell was already on his way to Sai’s quarters.  As he ran down the hall something had his senses tingling, he felt a presence he had never felt before. Just then he heard the telltale sound of a lightsaber ignite as a hooded figure entered the end of the hallway where Sai was.

   “What is a Sith doing here,” Kell thought to himself.  “Urik, we have a problem. I have to deal with a Sith. Find another way up to Sai’s room.”

   “Surprised to see me Jedi?  Sai knew you were up to no good.” Said the Sith with hatred in his eyes as he walked towards Kell. Darth Varik had been sent by the Sith to watch over Sai. They had much invested into his operation, they were using it to smuggle in weapons and Sith relics for an impending invasion. They had planned to take over the operation once they controlled the city.

   “Surprised yes. But not as surprised as you’re going to be Sith, I’m no Jedi.” Kell said with malice in his voice.

At that precise moment he let loose a wave of lightning from his fingertips striking the Sith square in the chest sending him sliding across the polished stone floor down the hall.

Meanwhile Urik had made his way to the side of the compound and used a grappling hook to scale up to the second floor balcony where Kell was at.  He could hear the commotion going on as he peered over the ledge.  There he could see Kell with his lightsaber drawn and in a defensive position.

Kell’s lightsaber came to life with a green glow that filled the narrow hall.  With disbelief in his eyes the Sith scrambled to his feet and charged Kell with his red lightsaber cutting through the air.  Kell blocked his first blow then hit the Sith with a blast of the force that again sent him sliding across the floor and hitting the wall with unnatural force.  Again the Sith charged at Kell with hatred in his eyes and thrust his lightsaber at Kell. With lightning quick reflexes Kell sidestepped the blow and the Sith missed his mark. With an overhand left Kell pounded the Sith’s back like a sledge hammer crushing him to the ground, leaving the Sith’s back exposed.  With his blade Kell drew it down upon the Sith.

   “If you are all that the Sith have to throw at me, this should be an easy war you’re bringing to my doorstep”, Kell said with confidence and anger in his eyes.

With no other words Kell plunged his blade into the back of the Sith’s neck and killed him instantly.  Kell had made quick work of a Darth who was supposed to be much more skilled than he.  Kell picked up the dead Sith’s lightsaber and clipped it to his belt.

   “This could come in handy one day.” He thought to himself.

   “I have seen many crazy things in my lifetime, but what you just did is truly amazing. I guess all that meditation does work.” Urik said with a big smile, as he emerged from the balcony.  “Sai is still in his room. I destroyed his escape route out of the compound. I’m sure he’s closed the blast doors to his room by now.”

   “Leave that to me”, said Kell as they walked down the hall to Sai’s room.

Kell sized up the entrance to Sai’s room and then ignited his lightsaber.  He then plunged it deep into the door and into the blast door.  As it began melting the durasteel blast door, Kell twisted and pushed his lightsaber deeper.  Urik looked on in amazement.

Inside the room Sai was in panic. He had armed himself with a blaster rifle and took position behind a stoned wall towards the back of the room. Sai had company in his room, two of his personal sex slaves were hiding behind the bed as Sai yelled at them to be quiet.

With the blast doors completely melted through the door was open. As Kell led the way through the smoke, blaster fire came in on his position. Again, with lightning reflexes Kell returned the blaster fire back to where it came using his lightsaber.  One deflection would find its mark on Sai’s blaster rifle, rendering it useless. Urik charged on Sai’s position, grabbing him and throwing him into the open.

   “Why have you betrayed me?” Sai asked his long time friend and partner Urik.

   “You have betrayed me Sai; cutting me out of deals and leaving me empty handed for everything I have done for you over the years. Today I take what is mine.” Urik spoke in disgust.

   “Kell, why? I treated you like a friend, a son”, the fear in Sai’s voice evident.

With no words Kell nodded to Urik.  Uriks vibroblade sliced through Sai throat like warm bantha butter. Sai fell to the ground, lifeless.  Their mission was complete.

   “What will be do now Kell”, asked Urik.

   “You will take over Sai’s operation.  I will take a much needed holiday.  Six years here and I have yet to set foot in this planets forests and mountains”, Kell said in a peaceful voice.  He missed the mountains near his home on Corellia.

   “Sounds good, friend”, said Urik with a small grin.

As they were leaving the room they heard some rustling behind the bed. As they approached they saw two scantily clad women, Sai’s sex slaves.  Urik glanced over at Kell.

   “What should we do with these two? Let them go?” asked Urik.

   “I will do what must be done. No witnesses. Leave I will take care of this”, Kell said with a stern voice.

With concern and disbelief in his eyes Urik walked out of the room.  Kell’s piercing green eyes looked upon the two women who were pleading to be sent free.  With a glow that matched his eyes, Kell’s lightsaber ignited, and then there was silence…

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Re: The Book of Kell
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The Book of Kell
Chapter 1 - Part 3: Open for Business
The story as told in the Jedi Archives

A sign flickered to life in the early hours signifying it was open for business. “KrypTec” read the aptly named neon sign.  There was already a small line of smugglers and collectors waiting outside the door.  No one knew who owned or ran the company, not even its employees.   Kell had saved up enough money and acquired enough wealth from his previous encounter with ex crime boss Sai VanMeer.  He decided to go into business for himself with the help of his trusted friend Urik Bendal.  Everyone was busy; technicians in the back working bay were installing various and questionable “upgrades” on smugglers ships, one wing was a dedicated to cataloging and housing rare goods and relics collected through trading on the black market and treasure hunts that Kell would partake in.  In a few short months of it’s opening, KrypTec had already made a name for itself.  Not only were the less desirable clientele intrigued with the company, but also wealthy politicians and military personnel.  If there was anything someone wanted, chances were KrypTec had it or could get it… for a price.

   “I demand to see the owner of this establishment!” exclaimed an angered smuggler.

   “I’m sorry sir, but the owner is not available.  You may leave a message with me and I will be sure they receive it.” The receptionist answered politely.

   “Blast you and this establishment!  That part you installed on my ship blew out my hyperdrive motivator and caused me to have to dump my cargo before being boarded!” said the still enraged customer.

   “You again…” said Urik with distaste in his tone.  “Messing with parts after we’ve installed them again?”  This had not been the first time Urik had to intervene with this customer.  He went by the name of Joobei, a Rattataki Bounty Hunter from Kor Vella and he was not happy, again…

   “I have done nothing of the sort.  That part was junk and so is this establishment.  I want my money back.” This time Joobei was a little more calmed.

   “You will have to wait until tonight.  Our public relations director should be in then and will gladly make things right.” Urik replied, barely able to hold back his smirk.

   “I will be back tonight, and this better be resolved.” Joobei said, as he stormed out of the office.

The crisp morning air filled Kell's nostrils as he took long deep breaths.  He scaled the face of the mountain far from the bustling Caridan District that Kell had called home for the past 6 years.  Kell was on a treasure hunt for a new, wealthy client.  They were in search of a rare stone only heard of in old tales and stories in books – the client was paying very well for Kell to obtain it for him.  With one last pull using his upper body strength Kell found his self at the opening of a small cavern high in the cliff walls that took him 2 months of exploring to find.  This had to be the place the legend told of – damp, dark, and such a foul odor that would keep all but the most dedicated spelunker out.  Kell took out his flashlight and proceeded down the dark tunnel, noting various glyphs of strange alien looking races and animals – possibly of civilizations passed…

After many hours of searching through various caverns Kell came to a dead end.  This dead end was different from the rest.  Whatever lie beyond was blocked off by a large round boulder, the size of a large gundark.  Although Kell was physically very strong, there was no way he was moving it with physical strength alone.  He would need to call on his most powerful ally, the force.  Reaching out with his hand Kell grabbed the rock with the force.  He had never moved anything this large or heavy in his life, it proved to be too overwhelming for him.  Kell slumped to the floor in exhaustion as the rock sat there, motionless and unwilling to bend to the will of the force.  Kell decided he would need to call on all of his inner strength and would have to meditate and calm himself. After hours of meditation he tried again, with an outreached hand he began tugging at the rock.  The sound of rock on rock reverberated through the cave as bits of rock and other debris began falling all around Kell.  Slowly the rock began to move, millimeter-by-millimeter it started to reveal what lie beyond – and then it all stopped. Kell could not move it any more. It was too large and heavy.  Disappointment washed over Kell, soon followed by a swelling anger.  Angry because he could not move a simple rock out of his path, Kell again reached out with the force and poured all of his anger out. Now, the rock was no match for his strength. Kell’s anger had made him powerful. It went against all of the teaching of his old master and the Jedi Order, but he did not care. His anger had let him accomplish what inner-peace could not.

Behind the large boulder lie a stone with an intricate carving.  Kell’s client did not tell him what the stone was or its purpose.  Kell gave it a look over and verified it was in fact the correct stone.  He wrapped it up in a leather hide and put it in his backpack.

   “Urik, contact our client and tell him his rock is enroute. It will be available for pick up later tonight.  Have someone get the holding tank ready for decontamination.”  Kell’s voice crackled over Urik’s commlink.

   “Will do.  When you get in there is a little problem that needs to be dealt with again, Joobei wants to see the PR Director.” Kell could hear the sarcasm in Urik’s voice.

Kell arrived through the secret underground entrance at KrypTec.  He did not want people seeing him going in or out of the front entrance.  He dropped off the stone in the examination room for decon.  As he walked into the front of the office lobby he could see Joobei, who was already waiting.

   “Hello, my name is Kell.  I am the PR Director here at KrypTec. I hear there has been a problem.”  Kell said calmly.

   “You’re damn right there’s a problem.  The first problem is, you stink!  You smell like you haven’t showered in a week.  The second problem is this company has cost me a lot of money due to a failed transpacitor.” Kell could sense the anger building in Joobei.

   “Sir if you would come with me to the VIP room, I will get this squared away for you.” Kell ushered Joobei into a nicely furnished, soundproof room off to the side of the main lobby.

   “Two months…” Kell said as they entered the room.

   “What?!” Joobei asked, with a puzzled look on his face.

   “Two months is how long it’s been since I’ve taken a shower.  As for your failed transpacitor; you have no one to blame but yourself for that one. You modified it after we installed it for you; just like the turbo lasers we installed for you last month. We have the best parts and the best techs on this planet that money can buy. I assure you it worked perfectly fine when it left our dock.  This is the last time we do business.” Kell looked coldly into Joobei’s eyes.

   “Why you piece of…” Joobei was cut short as an invisible hand clutched his throat.

   “Did you know this room is soundproof?  There’s a good reason for that.  I’d hate for our clientele to hear your screams” Kell said calmly.

   “I’m going to kill you…” Joobei said, gasping for air.

   Digging deep into Joobei’s mind Kell said, “You will do nothing of the sort.  As a matter of fact, you are going to thank us for our good work, forget this conversation ever took place and you are going to forget about KrypTec and never again set foot in here.”  Kell released his hold on Joobei.

   With a somewhat puzzled look on his face Joobei looked up at Kell, “Thank you for the great work on that transpacitor.  It worked great until I messed with it and caused it to overheat my hyperdrive motivator.  I should be going now.  See you soon!”

   “Let’s hope not.” Urik said under his breathe as Joobei walked by him from the VIP Lounge.  “What did you say to that guy?” he asked Kell.

   “Nothing.  He just needed some persuading.  I don’t think we’ll be seeing him again.” Kell said.  Urik looked at him a bit puzzled.  “The force has a way of making people see the error of their ways.  Sometimes all they need is a little nudge.” Kell assured Urik.

   “As usual, I never get a straight answer, but I think I understand.” Urik said with a small grin.  “Our client should be here shortly to pick up their prize.  You may want to take a shower before they get here – you stink!”

A convoy of two speeder vans made their way through the busy streets of the Caridan District - all filled with six passengers each. One of them included a wealthy politician by the name of Jin Ha.  Not only was he wealthy, he was powerful and corrupt as well.  He always got what he wanted, no matter the cost.

As Kell was finished dressing into his clothes after his much needed shower his commlink crackled to life.

      “Our special guests have arrived.” A guard announced from the hidden west entrance.

   “I’ll be right there. Keep an eye out and call in extra security. Keep it quiet though, I don’t trust this guy.” Kell said.

   “I am Kell. I am the Public Relations Director of KrypTec.  Could I offer you twelve gentleman something to drink?” Kell asked with a slight pitch in his voice.  He felt it quite odd that twelve men were needed to pick up a stone from a legitimate (sort of) business.

   “No drinks necessary. The stone please.” Jin Ha politely demanded.  Kell led the group to the Transaction Room down the hall.

   “I am surprised the owner of KrypTec is not here to greet us for such a substantial purchase.” Jin said as they reached the entrance to the Transaction Room.

   “The owner is a very private man.  He lives off-world and rarely shows up other than for his yearly inspection.” Kell answered.  “I’m sorry, but there is only room for six of you in the Transaction Room. The rest will have to wait outside.”  Little did Jin Ha or his bodyguards know Kell had installed scanners at all entrances. They all had blasters under their coats and he was now feeling very uneasy about the whole situation.

   “Very well.” Jin nodded to six of his bodyguards. They took post outside of the room, looking like one of those late night Corellian Gangster movies Kell had seen at the local theatre back home when he would sneak out of the Jedi compound.

   “First, the money.” Kell demanded in a polite, but stern tone.

   “Of course.” Jin nodded to one of his bodyguards as he pulled out a small satchel of credit chips.  Kell scanned them quickly and found all of the credits were there, a substantial amount for what seemed to be a not so significant piece of rock.

Kell pushed a button under the table using the force. A dark brown case rose from the center of the black marbled table. The case contained Jin Ha’s relic that he had desperately wanted to get his hands on for many years.

   “Ahhh yes… A Fortune Stone – the last one to be found on Carida.  With multiple stones one can predict the future.  Fortunately for me, I know where these other stones are located.”

   “That sounds very intriguing.” Kell said, trying to hold back his sarcasm.

   “I don’t even need the other stones to tell you your future young Kell.  I can assure you though; it’s not a bright one.”  Jin said with a slight cackle in his voice.

Just then the five of the guards produced blasters from under their coats.  Without hesitation Kell produced his own weapon from under his jacket, his lightsaber.  With a snap-hiss it came to life, it cast a bright green glow across Kell's body.  Reaching back and then pushing forward he hit two of the bodyguards with a blast from the force before they could fire a shot. They hit the wall with a loud crash.

   “I don’t care if it is going to ruin the new carpeting we put in last week. Get those grenades deployed down the hall, now!” Urik yelled over his commlink to one of the security officers.  “We have the upper hand; they have nowhere to go and no cover. The hall has been sealed off.”

Two grenades rolled down the hall towards the bodyguards. The first grenade went off prematurely and sent a wave of shrapnel down the hall towards the bodyguards. Lucky for them they were wearing body armor under their clothes, but it still produced quite a bit of damage.  The second one went off closer to its mark, cutting through the three guards in the front and leaving them bloody and lifeless on the floor.  If that weren’t bad enough three remote laser cannons dropped from the ceiling.  There was no way out of this one, the remaining bodyguards fired wildly at the direction of the laser blasts, but they were quickly cut down.

Kell felt the room shake from the blasts outside, but he could not worry about that, he had his own problems to deal with.  He had five guards and a scrawny politician to deal with and no backup as they were sealed in the room.  Blaster fire volleyed from across the room towards Kell as he desperately deflected bolt after bolt.  One got through and hit his left shoulder, knocking him to the ground. Kell knew he should have got the automated turret system installed in this room sooner.   After a deep breath Kell called upon the force, he hurled a bookshelf from his location towards the guards, where Jin sat cowering behind the large marble table.  He hit one and crushed his skull instantly killing him.  Kell knew he must make his move now as he was being overwhelmed with firepower and couldn’t make it much longer.  With a swift leap from across the room Kell pounced on another guard and struck him down with an overhead strike.  The three guards left were stunned at the ferocity and speed that Kell had advance on them. With a swift thrust Kell impaled another guard just as he was about to fire at the back of his head.  While the blade was still impaled in his foe, he hit another guard with a blast from the force, shooting him across the room knocking him unconscious.   In the same movement Kell had also hit the last guard with a reverse crescent kick across the face, but not before taking another blaster bolt to his right leg.  As he dropped to his knee, Kell pulled the blade that was still impaled in the dead guard, and cut the remaining foe in two.  With pain and anger in his eyes Kell pulled himself up and made his way to Jin Ha who still sat cowering behind the marble table, clutching his prized possession.

   “Please don’t kill me!” Jin pleaded for his life.  “It wasn’t my idea! A Sith Lord told me I must bring this to him, and to kill anyone who had knowledge of its existence.” Quivering, Jin slowly stood up.

   “A Sith Lord? What is his name?” Kell asked, with anger swelling inside of him and his lightsaber clutched tightly in his hand.

   “D-D-D-Darth Drakan. That’s all I know is his name. P-P-Please don’t kill me Jedi!” stammered Jin.

   “I’m no Jedi. And your services are no longer needed here on Carida, Councilman Ha.”   With malice in his eyes Kell beheaded the councilman and took the stone relic from his lifeless hands.

The next morning the cleaning crew was hard at work, rebuilding and cleaning the mess that was made at KrypTec the night before.   Hard at work in the Transaction Room was one of the KrypTec security techs installing two automated laser turrets.  Meanwhile in a backroom with no windows or doors sat one of Jin Ha’s security guards.  The ceiling cracked open and a platform lowered Kell down to interrogate the guard.

   “Jin mentioned a Sith Lord, by the name of Darth Drakan. Where can I find him?” Kell asked sternly.

   “I’m not talking.” Snorted the guard.

   “If you want to do this the hard way we can. I have no qualms about bringing pain upon you.” Kell warned the guard. “Or we can do this the easy way.  You tell me where to find him, I let you live, and I give you enough credits to go buy yourself something very nice for you and your lady friend that’s been on your mind since you woke up.”

   “How do you know what I was thinking?” the bewildered security guard asked.

   “Let’s just say I have a knack for making good guesses.” Kell said with a smirk.  “So what do you say?”

Urik escorted the security guard back to one of the speeder vans he had arrived in.  With a stern warning to pass along to any other would be aggressors to KrypTec, he sent him on his way.

   “So when do we leave to find this Sith Lord?” Urik asked.

   “We are not going anywhere. I must do this alone.  Besides, I need you to watch over our business while I’m away.” Kell answered.

        “Somehow I knew you were going to say that.  Your Jed... uh, force mumbo jumbo must be rubbing off on me.” Urik said with his trademark smirk. “I’m guessing a long dip in a bacta tank should take care of those wounds?” Urik asked with a raised eyebrow.

   “I’m guessing that should do it... I hope.  I leave in the morning“ , said Kell limping away to his quarters.  “And don’t forget to have someone turn on the front sign.” His voice trailed off as he rounded the corner.

   “Mya, turn on that front sign.” Urik squawked over the loudspeaker.

   “Sure thing boss.” Mya answered at the front desk.

The KyrpTek logo lit up with bright neon lettering below it.

“Open For Business”

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Re: The Book of Kell
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The Book of Kell
Chapter 1 - Part 4: A Glimpse of the Future
The story as told in the Jedi Archives

The sub light engines blazed as Kell landed his craft on the planet of Nar Shaddaa on the outskirts of the Corellian Sector.  The city was known for its casinos and cantinas. Kell made his way into the city via the Duros Sector secret entrance. The city filled Kell’s nostrils with foul odors and the filth was repulsive.   At one point in it’s past Nar Shaddaa rivaled the planet of Coruscant as an important trade center.  Now, gambling was it’s main trade, controlled by the Hutts and Corellian refugees.   Kell could make out the familiar features of his kinsmen, moving about the city. The sight of them made him miss his home and his family.

Kell was on his way to The Meltdown Café in search of a contact that he received from the security guard he interrogated at KrypTec.  This person was a Devaronian that went by the name of Saresh.  Kell figured they shouldn’t be too hard to find seeing as they were a unique looking race with their red skin and horns protruding from their forehead.  Before entering the café, Kell double-checked that his outer linings covered his battle armor, he didn’t want to draw attention, so he left his cloaked robe in his ship and opted for more suitable attire.  Kell took a seat at the bar.

     “What do you want?” asked the gruff sounding bartender.

     “Corellian Reserve. Make it a double.” Kell responded.

     “A man with exceptional taste.” The bartender said with a sly grin as he began to pour the expensive brandy into a glass.

Kell quickly downed the glass and asked for another double. This one he sipped and savored the taste.  Meanwhile an onlooker noticed Kell’s expensive taste in drinks.  Kell could feel this person looking at him trying to get a read on him - she made her move.

    “I couldn’t help but notice your taste in brandy.” The sultry human female said as she moved in close to Kell.

     “My taste in brandy is only rivaled by my taste in women.” Kell said confidently.

     “We don’t get many that look like you coming to these parts.” The woman said, as she looked Kell up and down.  “Let’s say we go somewhere a little more quiet.  I have a private room reserved in the back.”

Kell downed the last of his Corellian Reserve and nodded at the woman.  He followed her through the noisy café into a nicely furnished private room in the back. On the other side of a small wall was an ornate bed.  The woman poured Kell another drink and handed the glass to him.  Kell also eyed the opaque packets of what appeared to be glitterstim on a nearby glass table.

     “Do you…?” asked the woman. Referring to the glitterstim on the table.

Kell nodded his acknowledgement as the woman retrieved two packets from the table.  She handed one to Kell and kept one for herself.  Kell opened the packet and poured it in his drink and consumed it – the woman did the same.  Almost instantly Kell’s awareness and senses were tingling with heightened sensitivity.   It would make for a pleasurable evening for sure.

A few hours later Kell awoke and found the woman still sleeping next to him on top of the elegant and expensive purple Lashaa Silk bed sheets.  Kell got up and got dressed.  As Kell tightened up his bindings and started to leave the woman awoke.

     “The Devaronian you are looking for can be found in the Red District.” The woman said.

     “How did you know I was looking for a Devaronian?” Kell asked, a bit surprised by the woman’s statement.

     “Like I said, we don’t see many strangers that look like you around here. Saresh has a knack for attracting off-worlders.  Although, there is something very Corellian about you…” replied the woman.

     “So it was your job to entertain me?” Kell asked with a grin.

     “Oh no, that was all my doing. Like I said, we don’t get many that look like you around here.” She said with a wink, as Kell turned to walk out the door.  “Don’t you want to know my name?” She asked.

     “Not really.” Kell replied coldly, and shut the door behind him.

Kell entered the Red District in search of his Devaronian contact. He asked the taxi to make a stop at one of the local cantinas so Kell could make a few inquiries.  Lucky for him his first stop was a success.  The person he was looking for was not far.  The taxi made a left turn towards the final destination – Hooligan’s.  This was the hottest spot in the Red District.  The money flowed in and out of the establishment as much of the libations from the bar.  The place was jam packed with mostly humans, so the Devoronian, Saresh.  As usual Kell made his way to the bar.

   “Corellian Reserve. Double.” Kell said.

The bartender poured his drink and Kell left his credits, something he had forgot to do at The Meltdown Café.  As Kell sipped his drink he reached out with the force, searching for anything out of the ordinary. He came up with nothing but a few force sensitives, but nothing alarming or out of place.  Kell drank the rest of his brandy and left the bar area to walk around.  Towards the back corner of the club he could make out a small crowd of people surrounding someone.  They all seemed to be having a good time.  Kell caught a glimpse of what appeared to be red skin.  As he approached he could now clearly make out the Devaronian.  Kell now stood before Saresh, surrounded by his entourage.

   “May I help you?” asked Saresh.

   “I’m looking for someone.  Darth Draken.” Kell said.

Kell instantly got his attention, and a look of surprise washed over his face, something not easily accomplished with a species such as the Devaronians.  With a quick glance around the room and a wave of his hand, the entourage dispersed.  The two were now free to converse.

     “Who sent you?” asked Saresh with a slight tone of concern.

     “Jin Ha.” Said Kell staring into Saresh’s eyes.

     “Why would Jin send you? He only speaks to me directly.” Said Saresh.

     “Jin is dead.” Kell said bluntly.

     “Well, if he’s dead then there is nothing more to discuss.  Our conversation is ov…” Saresh was cut short by Kell as he held up his hand to command silence.

Kell produced a holopad with an image of the stone relic Kell had retrieved from the mountains on Carida.  Saresh’s eyes lit up at the sight.

     “Darth Draken will be pleased.” Said Saresh with a smile.

     “Yes he will – and I will deliver it to him personally.” Demanded Kell.

     “Nobody sees Darth Draken but me.” Said the Devaronian with a curled upper lip, showing his sharp teeth.

     “You will tell me where to find him or I will kill you where you sit. Either way, I will eventually find him, so do yourself a favor and tell me what I need to know.  That blaster under the table will do you no good. You will be dead before you can reach it.” Kell said in a calm, but strong voice.

With the force, Kell could feel Saresh bantering about in his mind, searching for the correct answer.  It was just long enough to distract Kell from someone that came up behind him and put a blaster to his back.  Kell found himself in a predicament. He did not want to cause a scene, nor did he want to give away the fact he was a Jedi.

     “You want to put that blaster away and go about your business” Kell said in a hypnotizing voice.

     “I’m going to put away my blaster and go about my business.” Said the would be assailant.

     “I’ve only seen certain people that can do that, but you don’t strike me as a Jedi. That would explain why you’re looking for Darth Draken though.” Said Saresh.

     “That means you tell me where he is, or I do the same thing to you and dig it out of your mind.” Said Kell sternly.

     “You and I both know that only works on the weak minded, Jedi!” Saresh exclaimed.

     “I don’t want any trouble from a Jedi, or a Sith. Your business with Darth Draken is your own.  I will tell you where he is.  He’s staying on his ship in the Undercity – docking bay 1337.” Said Saresh.

     “Interesting number for a docking bay." Kell thought to himself.  "What guarantees do I have that you will not alert Darth Draken that I am coming, once I leave here.” Asked Kell, as he moved in closer to Saresh. Pulling up a stool he sat in front of him staring him in the eyes.

     “You don’t.” Saresh said with a grimace.

With a deep sigh of frustration Kell quickly reached for his vibroblade.  He plunged it into Saresh’s throat in order to sever his vocal cords so no one could hear him scream.  Kell checked over his shoulder to make sure no one had noticed.  Everyone was too busy with their own conversations to notice the quick work Kell had made of Saresh.

Kell arrived at the entrance to the docks in the Undercity and swiftly made his way to hanger 1337, using the shadows and his skinshifting ability to make it there without drawing attention to himself.  Before entering Kell closed his eyes and meditated for a quick moment, then drew a deep breath and entered.  He knew that Darth Draken could put up a fight and Kell was prepared.

As Kell walked into the hanger he saw two guards standing out side of the ship, both wearing black robes, definitely Sith.   One was a Twi’lek, the other a human. As Kell approached the ship the two guards stepped forward.

     “State your business.” Slithered one of the guards.

     “I am Kell Malo. I seek Darth Drakken.” Said Kell.

     “Darth Drakken is not expecting a visitor.” Said the second guard, looking at Kell with a cold glare.

     “I have the Fortune Stone he is seeking.” Said Kell.

     “Not who I was expecting to deliver the stone.” Said a voice directly behind Kell.

He spun around to find a Zabrak in black robes looking at him curiously.  With horns protruding from his head and a cold stare, Darth Draken was intimidating.

     “If you are delivering the stone, I can only come to one conclusion – Jin is dead.  I assume you are the one who killed him.” Darth Draken said in a low monotone voice.

     “That is a very good assumption except for the part about delivering the stone.” Said Kell.  “I must ask what a Sith would need fortune stones for?  Can’t you see the future with your powers? Why would you need some rocks to do this for you?”

     "You are correct.  I do not need the stones to see the future.  I plan on using them in a new lightsaber.  The stone combined with the force would make me even more powerful as well as a more formidable swordsman.” Explained Darth Draken.  “Of course, I shouldn’t have to go into detail how this would be possible… Jedi!  You should be more mindful of your thoughts. I could sense you before you even entered the hanger.”

Both Sith Guards behind Kell ignited their lightsabers. Kell turned to face them and noticed they were wielding double-bladed staffs.  He was going to have his work cut out for him.  Kell produced his lightsaber from a hidden compartment in his armor and it came to life, casting a green glow upon him.  Calling upon The Force, Kell grabbed the Twi’lek Sith and pulled them towards him and landed a strong side kick to his mid section, startling him. This gave Kell the time he needed to close the distance on the Human Sith.  With a powerful overhead strike Kell brought the human to his knees as he blocked the blow.

     “There is only one way to win, young Jedi.  Your idealistic Jedi ways are no match for a Sith.” Snarled Darth Draken, as he watched with pleasure, assuming Kell was a Jedi. Little did he know how wrong he was.

The Twi’lek charged Kell with his blade twirling like a fan blade.  This didn’t leave Kell with much of an opening for an attack, especially with two of them to deal with.  Kell threw his blade at the charging Twi’lek, while simultaneously kicking the Human to the ground.  Again, Kell was on the charge so that he could distance himself from the second Sith.  It was a sort of divide-and-conquer style. He stood a much better chance one on one that two versus one. Especially when they had four blades between the both of them.   The Twi’lek deflected the incoming lightsaber, which Kell brought back to his hand using the force.  As Kell reached out to grab the blade the Twi’lek hit Kell with a burst of lightening from his fingertips, this slowed Kell enough for the Twi’lek to exploit an opening in Kell’s defense.  With a short quick thrust the Sith found his mark and struck Kell in the left shoulder, puncturing his armor and burning a hole through his muscle tissue.  As he winced in pain he could see the Human Sith getting up to prepare his assault on Kell’s position.  He knew he needed to dispatch them quickly and efficiently, as he knew his next battle was coming shortly after this one was over.

Kell had a plan, but he would have to do something drastic and out of the ordinary, for a Jedi.  Lucky for him he was not a Jedi, so chances are they would not see it coming.  Kell called upon the force and grabbed a barrel of fuel and hurled it at the incoming Human Sith.  Just before it was going to hit him Kell pulled his hold out blaster and shot the barrel, engulfing the Sith in flames.  He again, used the force to throw his lightsaber at the human, impaling him through the torso.  This left Kell wide open for another attack, this time his left thigh was slashed with an upward stroke that went through his battle armor.  Kell let out a yell of pain and anger as the Twi’lek found his mark with a third strike that caught his rib cage with the second blade from his staff.  Kell made a large leap through the flame towards his now dead Sith opponent to retrieve his lightsaber.

     “I can feel your anger young Jedi.  It is making you powerful. Let your hatred be your ally and use the dark side of the force to fulfill your destiny.  You would make a very powerful Sith.” Darth Draken let the words slither off his tongue in a hypnotizing manner.

Through the fire Kell could see the Twi’lek pacing back and forth, waiting for Kell to attack.  Kell closed his eyes, and with a blast from the forced hurled the flames towards the Sith.  Kell leapt towards him with all of his strength gathered and tucked into a tight summersault, coming down on the Sith with an overhand strike.  The Twi’lek blocked it, barely. Kell let loose a flurry of blows with his lightsaber as well as punches and kicks. He was quickly wearing down the Sith, but Kell was getting tired too.  His attacks were fueled with anger and hate, his eyes began to glow a deep green and the whites were now bloodshot with rage.   The Twi’lek was a master of his art, he blocked every blow… but one, and that’s all it took.  Kell impaled the Twi’lek through the heart with a two-handed upward thrust.  Kell watched the life fade from his eyes as the Sith fell to the cold hanger floor.  His attention was now focused on Darth Draken.

     “Very good, Kell.” Draken said with approval in his eyes.  “Let me be your master.  Let me teach you the dark side of the force and the way of the Sith. I forsee you will become very powerful Kell. It would be a shame to have your talent wasted.”

     “I belong neither to the Jedi, nor the Sith – ever.” Said Kell, teeming with anger.  “Now it’s time for you to die as well.”

     “I admire your resolve young Kell, but this is a battle you cannot win.  My knowledge of the force is well beyond that of yours.”  Said Darth Draken.  “Let’s save this for another time, shall we?”

Darth Draken’s ship roared to life and began to hover it’s way out of the docking bay. As Kell tried to cut off Darth Draken from his ship he was caught by the throat and lifted in the air.  This gave Darth Draken the chance to jump into the open bay door of the ship and make his escape.  As the ship left the hanger the grip was released and Kell fell to the floor.  Exhausted and bleeding Kell gathered his wits, collected the Siths’ lightsabers and made his way out of Undercity and back to his ship.

     “This is Kell. Urik, come in.” Kell said.

   Hearing the pain in his voice, Urik answered, “Kell, what’s wrong?”

     “I found our Sith, but he got away.  I’ve acquired a few wounds that I will need patched up upon my arrival.” Kell said in a strained voice.  All the while punching in coordinates to the nav computer for autopilot back to his home.

     “Kell! Are you OK?!” replied a concerned Urik.

     “I’m fine, just minor flesh w…” Kell slipped into unconsciousness.

Not before Kell was able to hit the confirmation key for autopilot.  He was on his way back home…

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Re: The Book of Kell
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The Book of Kell
Chapter 1 - Part 5: The Darkness
The story as told in the Jedi Archives

        “His wounds are quite extensive and he’s lost a lot of blood. He has slipped into a coma and I’m not even sure if he’s going to make it. His vital signs seem good, he just won’t wake up.” Explained the doctor to Urik.

   “I understand.  I guess we will have to wait and see.” Answered Urik.

Kell cautiously approached a dark figure in a shady forest.  The hood they wore covered their facial features and Kell could only see the darkness where their face should have been.

   “Come closer Kell Malo.” The figure said with a beckoning hand.

   “Who are you?” Kell demanded.

   “I am Darth Crixus.  I have been watching you for some time and I would like to complete your training.” Replied the dark lord.

   “I serve under no master.” Kell snapped back.

   “Think of it as a partnership. We can learn from each other.” Said Darth Crixus.

   “What can I possibly learn from you that I already don’t know? Asked Kell with smugness.

   “You are powerful, but not that powerful. Your knowledge of the force pales in comparison to a true Sith Pureblood.  I can teach you things about the force that you could not even fathom young Malo.” said Darth Crixus in a powerful tone.

        Kell thought to himself for a moment and then answered, “I will accept your offer Darth Crixus. What must I do?”

        “While you are in this state of mind you will continue your training.  You have much to learn.” Said Darth Crixus, pulling back his hood to reveal a Sith Pureblood with deep red skin and yellow eyes.

        “What state are you talking about?” Kell asked with a bewildered look upon his face.

   “You are not awake.  At this moment you lie hooked up to machines that are keeping you alive. You have been in this state for 3 standard years.  You will wake up though, one day, when your training is complete.” Explained Darth Crixus to a stunned Kell Malo.  “For now I want you to channel all of your anger and hatred into your training.  As you have witnessed for yourself, it makes you powerful and unstoppable.” The Dark Lord said with a grimace and his fist held out in front of him.

   “I understand.  I will train and become the most powerful force user anyone has ever witnessed.”  Kell said.

   “Here is your first lesson young Kell Malo…”

An alarm sounded in Uriks sleeping quarters. With wide eyes he jumped out of bed and threw on some clothes and ran down the hall in a hurry.  It was the alarm sounding that Kell’s condition had changed.  Urik entered the code into the facility where Kell was now housed at KrypTec.  He had been moved there after being at the medical facility in the Caridan District.  It had been six years since Kell showed up unconscious from his battle on Nar Shaddaa.

   “Easy there buddy.” Urik said as Kell unhooked sensors from his body.  “You’ve out for…”

   “Six years.” Finished Kell.

   “Not sure how you know that, but I’m also not sure how you know a lot of things. It’s good to have you back friend.” Said Urik hardly able to hide his happiness.  “How was it in there?”

   “It’s good to be back old friend.  It was cold and dark.” Kell said.  “I’m starving!”

        Kell made quick work of his savory Bantha Steak with Bantha Steak Butter. “Boy did I miss that. I dreamed about having one of these quite a few times while I was stuck in there.” Kell said referring to his comatose state.

        “Well, it doesn’t look like you’ve missed one meal being asleep all those years. As a matter of fact you’re physically bigger than you were before.   Were you pumping Mandalorian Iron while you were sleeping?” Urik asked jokingly.

        “Something like that.” Kell said with a smirk.  “Things have been good while I’ve been away?”

        “Better than ever!  Well, it would probably be better if you would have been overseeing things, but I think we’ve done OK. Our profits have increased tenfold and I don’t see that stopping, ever.  Consider yourself a very rich man Kell.  I’ve made sure you’ve collected your salary, plus bonuses while you’ve been away.” Said Urik with a smile.

   With a reluctant sigh Kell proceeded, “You’ve done well my friend. That is why I must now ask you that you take over the company for me – I must leave.  I have been putting off something for much too long.  Now is the time for us to part ways, as my destiny lies along another path than yours.  I must spread my beliefs and teachings of the force and forge my own path.”

   Uriks face fell, “I don’t know what to say.  You will not have to worry about KrypTec, it will be well taken care of.  I will be sad to see you go friend, but I know it’s something you have to do.  When I met you as a kid I knew there was something different about you and as you got older I knew you would accomplish great things..

   “Thank you Urik.  I’ll be sure to keep in touch when I can. I plan on leaving in one month. That will give me time to get things in order and complete my training.” Said Kell.  “You must excuse me now, I have to relieve myself of this meal I just ate. I don’t think my stomach was ready for that.”

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Re: The Book of Kell
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The Book of Kell
Chapter 1 - Part 6: The Awakening
The story as told in the Jedi Archives

Kell had heard of a “living planet”. He was not sure if it even existed, but he had to see if the rumors were true. This planet was known as Zonama Sekot, or “World of Body and Mind”.  It was a living and sentient planet able to travel through space.  It was the seed of the planet Yuuzhan'tar, that was destroyed in a devastating conflict known as the Cremlevian War.  It was fought between different species of Yuuzhan Vong, natives to the planet.  Zonama Sekot was told to possess a strong connection with The Force.  It was unknown whether anyone had settled on this planet, if it even existed.  Kell had to find it…

Kell’s search had lasted over a year but he finally found what he thought was Zonama Sekot.  Following tips, rumors and local legends he was out near the outer rim. His eyes focused on the planet of Yuuzhan’tar. He could make out Polar ice caps, forest, and water on the planets surface.  Upon entering the atmosphere Kell spotted an opening through the forest canopy of the planet and landed.  Setting all of the ships electronics on standby, Kell then proceeded to armor up and exit his ship, Uhl Oblivyn, or “The Nothing”.

Not knowing what or who he was looking for created quite the challenge for Kell.  He would have liked to think his instincts and great attunement to The Force were playing a roll in his decisions, but in reality he knew he was just guessing – walking about aimlessly.  He could however sense The Force all around him. Everything around him seemed to be alive.

After a few hours of aimless wandering, Kell stumbled upon something.  It appeared to be a shelter. As he approached he could sense something… something familiar and dark. Appearing from the shelter was a dark robbed figure with its face shadowed by a hood.

    “The mighty Kell Malo.  I was wondering if you would ever make it here.” The voice under the cloak said in a deep gravely voice.

     “Who are you? And how do you know my name?” asked Kell.

     “Still haven’t figured it out?” he asked, pulling back his cloak, revealing dark red skin.

     “Darth Crixus. How did you know I would come here?” Kell asked with bewilderment.

     “The Dark side of The Force has drawn you to me Kell.  Since the time we met those many years ago, a seed was planted. Your destiny lies along the path of the Dark Side.” Said the Sith Pureblood.

     “I’m not sure I can fully believe that, for I do not believe in The Darkside or The Light Side.  I only believe in The Force.  What I do with The Force is of my own will.  No so-called Darkside or Light Side rules my destiny”, Kell proclaimed.  Not knowing his beliefs would one day lay the foundation of for a sect of Force-users. This thought of mind would at a much later time, a few thousand years later, be known as The Potentium.  For now, it was just an idea… a belief.

     “So you have designed your own system of belief.  I see…  you have grown very powerful Kell. Not just in The Force, but physically and mentally.  My teachings and training have paid off for you, and myself.”, Darth Crixus said with a wry smile.

     “How has it paid off for us?”, Kell asked.

     Darth Crixus began his speech, “That seed I planted in your mind those many years ago, the training, although may have seemed like a dream, was not.  Your beliefs and thoughts about The Force will breed a new and powerful type of Force user. The type that has the morality issues others have.  You don’t care about Light or Dark, no qualms about right or wrong, only what must be done and at any cost. Your type will become very powerful, as you have witnessed within your own self.  You wield Force powers of both realms of The Force. Ones that Jedi are forbidden to learn and ones that Sith are not interested or patient enough to learn.  Your type will become invincible, and you are among the first of this kind. I foresee you will teach many Force-users this philosophy and they will in turn pass it on to others. Although it will take a long time for it to find it’s way beyond the far reaches of the galaxy, and your numbers will be few – you will be very powerful.”

As Kell listened his thoughts raced. He did not see himself as a leader or teacher, but it made sense and served a greater purpose.  He knew this was his calling and wanted to pursue it.

     Darth Crixus continued, “The next stop on your journey will be in the Outer Rim, The Voss System.  You will go to the planet of Voss.  There you will conclude your training and achieve the greatest honor – teaching the native Voss the ways of The Force and your philosophy.  The more beings you reach out to, the more powerful you will become.”

     Kell spoke, “Until we meet again…”

The weather was warm and dry, the leaves were gold and fluttered in the light breeze.  Kell felt at home here, for him there was something here that put him at peace and settled all of the uneasy feelings.  Kell stood atop a bluff over looking The Nightmare Lands.  It was a forested region, where the overgrowth in of the forest was said to be dense, and the forest was under the sway of a corruptive influence. The region was inhabited by wildlife that had been tainted, Gormak natives who had been corrupted, and Voss Mystics -members of the native Voss species - that had gone mad.*

Kell had spoken with some of the native Voss to help him find this fabled forest.  Rumor had it that a powerful entity by the name of Sel-Makor resided in these parts, also known as The Dark Heart of Voss.  Created by The Jedi who taught the Gormak natives The Force. It fed on the suffering and anger of the warring Gormak and Voss.  It spread it’s Dark Side influence throughout the region, creating The Nightmare lands.

Upon entering the forest Kell’s sense of peace and calm quickly faded. He felt uneasy, he could feel a disturbance in The Force – others called it The Dark Side.  Following this disturbance, he came upon a small settlement.  He could see people moving about, they looked like the native Voss that he had interacted with upon his arrival, but they seemed a bit different.  They were known as Voss Mystics, the totalitarian rulers of the Voss species.  The Jedi considered them “Grey”, with no formal knowledge of The Force, they were neither light, nor dark. They were talented Seers and Healers. Kell decided to approach – with caution.

     One of the Mystics approached Kell, “Greetings wanderer. I am Krol.”

     Puzzled, Kell asked, “What makes you think I’m wandering?”

     “You have been wandering through the galaxy for many years. I have seen what you are capable of and the things you have done - bad things.”, said Krol.

     “How do you know what I’ve done and where I’ve been?”, Kell asked.

     “I see many things and I can foresee many things.  I would like to offer one piece of advice though.” Krol gave Kell a sideways glance. “Stay off the glitterstim. It may seem like it helps you, but it dulls your senses. You don’t need it.”

     Kell began to grow angry. “Who do you th…”

     Putting up his hand, to stop Kell from speaking, Krol continued, “I do not say this to judge you, but to help you. You have much potential still and I have foreseen that you will become well respected by the Voss people. Please excuse my prying.”

     Kell’s anger subsided and he spoke, “You seem to know a lot about me. It seems to be the case with everyone that I run into these days.  Why can I not see my own future as you do?”

     “Would you really want to?  That would hinder you more than help you Kell Malo.  I sense that is not the reason you are here though.  I sense you are here for something else, something of much greater purpose.”

     “You would be correct Krol.  I come hear to spread my knowledge of The Force and my philosophy regarding the way it’s used.”

     “You mean like how the Sith and Jedi have pushed their teachings on us?” Krol asked with speculation.

     “I am neither Sith, nor Jedi.  Nor do I believe in their one-sided teachings. I believe The Force should be used to it’s full potential if one is able to extract it.”

     With a smirk on his face, Krol responded to Kell’s statement, “I think you will be well liked here Kell Malo. We, the Voss have a very similar philosophy.  Though we do not use The Force as your kind does, our thoughts are almost one in the same.  I would like to learn what you have to teach. In return I will teach you our ways.”

Kell awoke from his deep sleep. Once again, his dreams had awakened him in the early morning hours. The sun would not be up for another two hours. The very early morning breeze blew across his face as he sat on the balcony of his home on Voss.  Kell had grown fond of the planet and it’s people, especially the Voss Mystic, Krol. They had become good friends and had, together helped spread the teachings of Kell across a lot of the planet. The Voss had grown to respect “The Mighty Kell Malo” as he was known throughout many regions of Voss. He had fought battles on their behalf, and had bleed and killed in their name.   It had been four years since landing on Voss, and now he felt like he was home – almost more than his home planet of Corellia.  Corellia… he thought in about it more and more lately. Something was causing him to dream and think a lot about his home.  He had to follow his instincts, he had to go and see what it was.  Before doing that he had one thing to complete, his new lightsaber…

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Re: The Book of Kell
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The Book of Kell
Chapter 1 - Part 7: Shiny
The story as told in the Jedi Archives

Kell stood before a great temple that had been abandoned for many years on the planet of Circarpous V.  A centuries old legend told of a powerful Force relic contained in the Temple of Pomojema a Kaiburr Crystal. No one had ever actually seen or heard of one being used as a lightsaber crystal; Kell was about to change that.  After many months of searching the planet he was now standing in front of the elusive temple.  As he entered he was greeted by a large statue of the deity Pomojema. Embedded in the statue's chest was the legendary crystal. Kell climbed up the statue and reached into his tool bag and produced a hammer and chisel. He broke off a shard of the Kaiburr Crystal and headed back to his camp he had set up in a nearby cave. He felt this would be the perfect place to build his new lightsaber. Kell spent many weeks gathering metals and stones for grinding. Using his mechanical skill he was able to construct a grinding and polishing wheel as well as a furnace.

While the legendary Kaiburr Crystal was the most powerful of the artifacts, Kell had collected other stones and crystals in his quest as well. A Durindfire gem was one. He had found this in a cave in the deserts of Tatooine while wandering about.  While on Tatooine Kell also obtained a black Krayt Dragon Pearl from a dragon he had slain. A Sigil Crystal, found while passing through the Sigil system on his way to Korriban.  Lastly, a stone and another cyrstal were obtained; a strange brown stone and The Heart of the Guardian crystal, both taken from a fallen Sith’s lightsaber after a duel on the planet of Korriban.

Kell’s strong mechanical aptitude and Force abilities would enable him to construct a new lightsaber, unlike any seen before. Forging the outer workings of his lightsaber from a rare metal he came across on his journey, Phrik, would prove to be a challenge.  He had traded one of his extra crystals for it on an unknown planet in the outer rim.  The metal proved to live up to its reputation, “It could withstand the destruction of an entire world”, he was told by the trader. He didn’t want what happened to him on Coruscant to ever happen again, and this was the perfect solution.  His lightsaber had been destroyed by a blow from a Sith lightsaber strike. It took many days using his tools and his force abilities to form the hilt of his lightsaber.  Upon its completion the hilt dawned a black finish which he wrapped in leather for a better grip. It was a simple, yet effective design, just the way Kell liked things.

Kell would spend the next few weeks meditating on the crystals to attune them to himself and his new lightsaber. The most important one being the Kaiburr Crystal, which he focused all of his dark energy into, turning its core black.  This crystal would be the basis for the color of the blade and also the core of its power. Kell had finally gotten everything assembled. While his mechanical skills were finely tuned, he still did not know if it would work.  He had found a way to put five crystals and the stone he obtained into the hilt, which was not common. Even the most skilled Jedi Master was only able to get two or three crystals into their lightsaber and still make them work properly. With a very loud crack and hiss the blade came to life, with the distinctive smell of burning ozone. It had a deep hum, thanks to the Krayt Dragon Pearl. The core of the blade was almost pitch black from the darkened Kaiburr Crystal.  It had a hazy bronze glow, thanks The Heart of the Guardian Stone, and a silver sheen, from the Durindfire gem; it was magnificent, a sight to behold.  Kell was in awe of what he had created, he knew he had done well. As he moved the lightsaber back and forth he noticed something odd, the blade did not give off the telltale bright glow like every lightsaber he had seen. Instead the cave walls remained mostly dark. Kell also wondered just what purpose a "brown stone" had in a lightsaber, from his testing it added no visual effects, but it had to do something...

     Kell smirked, “They’ll never see me coming.”

It was time to test his blade. He had heard the Sigil crystal had strong searing properties and produced a very potent blade. Kell eyed a large stone the size of a land speeder, it had to way many tons, it was thick and dense.  He leapt high into the air bringing his blade crashing down on the rock with a double over-handed strike; the rock stood no chance. The combination of rare stone and crystals had increased the blades striking abilities immensely. Along with Kell’s shear physical strength, the blade seared the rock, and on its way through the rock the blades power shot waves of energy outward exploding the rock into rubble. Kell was thrown back from the blast hitting a tree and knocking the wind out of him.

     “I’m going to have to work on that. At least I know what that brown stone does.” he said out loud to himself.

Kell’s training and journey was complete. It was time to return home.

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