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Author Topic: What Made the Man - Ceid Ankoun  (Read 10374 times)

Ceid Ankoun

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What Made the Man - Ceid Ankoun
« on: August 16, 2011, 07:15:31 PM EDT »

Discussion Thread

User> login

//Welcome to Republic extranet nod 15356. Current date is M6 D1 Y10 ATC, time is 19:05. Enter credentials.

User> JO-Alpha True- Ex Zero Delta Hydra - Zeta False

//Welcome Jedi Master Adan Reese. How may I help you today.

ReeseAT045> Access Republic Personnel and Troop Deployment Net

//Marked Classified. Clearance level 8 required... Access Granted. Accessing...

//Enter search parameters.

ReeseAT045> Search Ceid Ankoun - Jedi Order


//Displaying results for Ceid Ankoun:

/Born: M7 D32 Y16 BTC

/Place of birth: Scarborough City, Corellia, Corellian Sector

/Citizenship: Citizen of the Galactic Republic

/Parents: Nandin Ankoun and Ghada Zei'oo

/Status of Parents: Deceased

/Date of Parents' Death: M9 D34 Y12 BTC

/Affiliations: Galactic Republic, Jedi Order, Republic Defense Forces, The Corellian League

/Joined the Jedi Order: M10 D21 Y12 BTC

/Rank: Jedi Knight

/Master: Jedi Master Adan Reese

/Attained Rank of Padawan: M2 D4 Y6 BTC

/Knighted: M4 D17 Y3 ATC

/Latest activity Recorded: M7 D8 Y3 ATC - See Mission Report M9122-AD032

/Current status: Classified

//Enter more search parameters.

ReeseAT045> Confirm User's Clearance Level. Access Ceid Ankoun file, Section titled 'Current status'.

//Marked Classified. Clearance Level 9A... Access Denied.

//You do not have proper clearance to view file.

//Enter more search parameters.

ReeseAT045> Logout

//Logging you out Master Reese, Have a good day.

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Ceid Ankoun

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Re: What Made the Man - Ceid Ankoun
« Reply #1 on: August 18, 2011, 07:24:36 PM EDT »

Chapter 1: Confessions
[3ATC, Jedi Temple, Tython]

It had been a tough week, tests, trails and evaluations. Ceid's body hurt, and he was drowsy. He couldn't believe he completed his final Endurance and Survival Trial. He wore his standard Corellian green Jedi robes and his blue armored gloves. He laid on the grass under a tree with his hands under his head, in the Gardens Level in the Jedi Temple on Tython. Ceid remembered his last meeting with his master that morning.

He had just finished his final trial when he met Master Reese in the Temple halls. Ceid walked in the hall when his Master called him.

"Ceid." His master's smooth voice came from behind.

Ceid turned around and saw the Jedi Master walking towards him, He had a very serious look on his face. "Master Reese." Ceid said as he bowed for his master as a sign of respect. "I finished my trials today." He continued.

"I know, when a Master recommends his Padawan for knighthood, he stays well informed about the Padawan's progress throughout the duration of the Trails." Master Adan Reese said as he came to a stop next to his Padawan.

"How do you think I did?" Ceid asked with a smile. A worried tone was clearly audible in his voice.

"That is not for me to decide. That will be left to the council." Master Reese said with a serious tone, his usual caring tone was well hidden.

"Is something wrong Master?" Ceid asked.

"We'll see. Report to the Council Chambers at the second call for meditation this afternoon. You will be informed of your results then. Good luck Pride." The Jedi said as he walked passed Ceid, he called him by the nickname that Naoko Sellis created for him. That was not out of the ordinary, however Reese was not his usual self and that left Ceid unsure of himself, and with a heavy feeling of worry.

"Yes Master." With that, Ceid shook his head and sat up and started to look at his current surroundings in the Gardens Level. He though of the possibility of failure. What if he failed, there is no way he would take the trials again, they were agonizing. He would have to leave the Order. That thought made his stomach turn, not because of leaving the order, but because if he left, he would not see Naoko Sellis again. Ceid Sighed and whispered under his breath. "Nao...".

Ceid has been in love with her for as long as he can remember. They have always been together, and he felt that she understood him like no other. He has never told her his feelings, but he was alright with that. He thought that as long as they were in the order together, nothing can separate them, so he was perfectly fine with keeping his feelings a secret. But now it was different. The upcoming results of his trials made him worry greatly.

"What if I fail? I never see her again." He thought as his heart sank. He put his hand over his eyes and wiped his face. "No! I... can't let that happen. Do I tell her?" He shook his head. "I can't! I don't what to ruin our friendship." He tried to clear his mind since he couldn't see what path to take. He was caught between a rock and a hard place; either to tell her and ruin their friendship, or keep it a secret and never see her again. Even though he was praised at the end of some of the trails, the thought of him passing never crossed his mind.

Suddenly, he sensed a familiar presence that put a smile on his face, he immersed himself in the warm feelings that that presence brought to him. His Comm Device rang and Ceid reached to this utility belt and brought it out. It wasn't a live communique, but just a series of characters. The message read Look behind you.

Ceid stood up and looked over his shoulder, he did not see anyone. He felt a hand on his chest, and before he could look to see who it was, he was pushed back and fell to his backside on the grass. When he fell, Ceid laughed and he closed his eyes.

"I can sense the air moving around me, so why can't I sense you before you push me? Ceid said with a chuckle. He then opened his eyes and looked up. He saw the beautiful Naoko standing in front of him, she wore her Corellian green robes, and had her left hand on her hip.

"Do you still need to ask? I am better than you in everything. I even got knighted two days before you Padawan!" Naoko Sellis said with a wide grin on her face. Ceid quickly rose up and grabbed her hand and threw himself back to the grass. Naoko fell over Ceid and rolled next to him laughing.

"Not everything Knight, I am stronger than you." Ceid said with a smile.

"There is the pride I am used to seeing." She said returning the smile. She laid her head on the grass and looked into his eyes. They didn't say anything for a few moments, but then Nao broke the silence.

"How did your trails go?"

"I don't know, I survived. Master Reese was acting very unusual this morning." Ceid said as he put his hands under his head and looked at the sky through the glass roof of the Garden Level. "I think he was disappointed."

"Master Reese cares for you greatly, I don't think he would be disappointed of you, what ever happens." Naoko comforted Ceid with her soft voice."

"Yup, that is because he is a crazy old man!" Ceid joked and Naoko laughed in response then she sat up and crossed her legs.

"Oh! Did you hear what happened in the lecture hall? Serena got..." Naoko started enthusiastically but never got to finish.

"Nooo! No more gossip!" Ceid complained as he rolled away from Nao and laid on his stomach with his hands covering his ears.

"You will listen when I want to gossip around you Padawan!" She said as she used the force to roll Ceid closer to her putting him on his back again with a thud. "Don't make me pull rank on you." She continued teasing.

Ceid laughed painfully after the impact. "You just did! Take it easy on me, my body is aching after that last trail." Ceid said as he rubbed his eyes.

"Aw, poor Pride!" She teased again.

"Yeah, yeah. Go on making fun." Ceid said with a smile, everything Nao did made him happy, whether it was a compliment or a prank. He cared for her deeply.

The loud sound of a gong rang across the Temple and Ceid rose quickly to a seated position. "Ahh! The call for meditation! I am going to be late!"

"For what?" Naoko asked.

"My meeting with the council." He answered with an eager tone.

"Go!" She ordered as she tapped him on the shoulder. Ceid got up quickly and started running towards the hallway, but then he stood still, looking at the floor. "This is it. My results. What if..." Ceid clenched his fists. "Now or never!" He though, deciding to tell her his feelings.

"What's wrong?" Nao asked. Ceid turned around and walked slowly towards her.

"Nao." He said with a calm, yet in a worried tone.

"What?" She asked, mirroring his worry.

"You are my first and best friend. We have been friends as long as I can remember. When I am around you, I am truly happy, I am myself. I have feelings for you, more than just a friend. I care about you deeply and I have been wanting to tell you for some months now, I... I love you." Ceid said, his face was relaxed, as  the load of keeping the secret evaporated. Naoko was taken aback with the sudden confession. She stared at Ceid for a few seconds with widened eyes.

Suddenly, Naoko punched Ceid in the stomach. "You're saying that at a time like this?" The punch was light, but Ceid put he hands over the place of impact as a reaction. Naoko crossed her arms and and looked to the ground, unsure of what to say. "Go, you're going to be late."

With that, Ceid turned around and used Force speed to get him to the hall and hide his embarrassment faster. What the hells are you doing Pride?! Stupid! Just Stupid! That was the thought that played over and over in his head all the way to the entrance to the Council Chamber where Master Reese was waiting for him.

Ceid came to a stop next to him and bowed. "Sorry I am late master."

Sensing Ceid was preoccupied, Master Reese asked. "What's wrong?"

Ceid Hesitated, but then spoke. "Everything is fine Master. I am ready, whatever the Council's decision may be."

"Very well. Stay collected and keep your feelings under control." Master Reese said and moved closer to the door. It slid open and closed behind him as he entered.

Ceid took a moment to collect himself, standing with his left shoulder to the door. He found the process harder than usual, he found himself thinking of Naoko. The tought of him ruining his friendship with her with that stupid confession brought him great pain. He decided to let it go for now, and face the Council. With the turmoil of emotions raging inside him, he doubted the Council would be impressed. Ceid turned to enter the door. Suddenly he was pushed backwards by an invisible force. He took a few clumsy steps back trying to balance himself to keep from falling, but a hand on his back returned his balance to him. He looked to his right to see who it was, only to see Naoko Sellis standing in front of him.

Ceid looked into the deep black crystals that were her eyes, they betrayed no information. "We got to stop meeting like this, one day I might trip and break my neck." He said jokingly trying to break the awkwardness, but his face remained serious.

Naoko smiled slightly, then reached into her robes and brought out a lightsaber hilt. "Here." She said as she handed it to him.

"What is this?" Ceid asked puzzled as he inspected the hilt.

"It's a gift, I forgot to give it to you in the gardens, I knew you were worried about the meeting, and I thought this would help." She said with a kind voice.

"Nao, I am sorry abou..." Nao stood on her toes and grabbed Ceid's collar and pulled him down. When their faces met, they kissed passionately for a few seconds, then she whispered in his ear. "I love you too!"

No sooner did she finish speaking when she let go of Ceid's collar and walked away though the hall and went down a corner, away from Ceid's sight. Ceid stood still for a few seconds, shocked at what just happened. But then a smile crept across his face, and joy filled his heart. Ceid looked down at the lightsaber hilt that Naoko gave to him. He saw a few characters engraved into the hilt. He read the engraving out loud. "To my love Pride, you will always be my knight. From Nao." He closed his eyes and gripped the hilt tightly, but then he opened them and smiled confidently. With renewed resolve, he turned around and walked to the chamber entrance and went in.

The room was dark, he could not see a thing, but he could sense the presence of a dozen or so people inside the room. Ceid walked a few meeter in without sensing any movements. "Master?"

Suddenly, the room lit up with with the light of lightsabers and the loud sound of twelve lightsabers igniting simultaneously startled Ceid into a combat stance. He then relaxed his stance as he looked around, he saw all the members of the Council standing in a circle around him, each of them wore the robe's hood over their heads, and the green, blue and yellow light of their lightsaber's reflected off of their faces. He recognized his master, who was standing directly to the left of him with his green lightsaber held upright in front of him. Master Reese had a wide grin on his face.

"Padawan Ankoun, kneel." A female voice came at him from the front.

"Yes Master." Ceid kneeled with a satisfied smile, knowing that he had passed the Trails, and is to be knighted. His master must have been toying with him all along. Just my luck! Everyone I know is a prankster. He thought.

"We are all Jedi. The Force speaks through us. Through our actions, the Force proclaims itself and what is real. Today we are here to acknowledge what the Force has proclaimed." The Grand Master said as she walked closer to Ceid.

"Ceid Ankoun." The Grand Master call the Padawan by name and brought her lightsaber down above each of his shoulders, the masters in the circle brought their lightsabers down and pointed them at Ceid. "You will forever look back on this day as one of great joy, but also one of great sorrow. It will help you to remember that, in life, the two are often closely linked." The Master said, then swung her blade and severed the Padawan braid that hung behind his ear.

"By the right of the Council, by the will of the Force, I dub thee, Knight of the Republic."

A proud smile showed on Ceid's face. The Grand Master stepped back into the circle and Ceid stood up. He collected his severed braid, bowed respectfully to the Council, and walked out in silence. He now was a Jedi Knight.
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Re: What Made the Man - Ceid Ankoun
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Chapter 2: Celebration
[3ATC, Jedi Temple - Spaceport cantina, Tython]

Ceid sat in the waiting area across from the Council chamber. The room was large with white walls and blue leather chairs. There was a small silver table in front of him that had a few holopads on top of it, but he was not interested in their content. He was just relaxing, enjoying every moment as he waited for his master. He had the affection of the beautiful Naoko, and he had passed his trails and has been knighted.

"Nothing can ruin this day." He said with a smile and closed eyes. Suddenly, the door slid open and a short, attractive human female stood at the entrance. She had long blond hair, light skin and blue eyes.

"Pride!" She said with an excited, loud voice and a wide smile.

"Spoke too soon." Ceid said to himself mockingly and he looked at the excitable girl as she walked towards him. "Hello Serena, it's been a while."

"Congratulation Knight." She said with the same smile. Ceid raised a pointed finger to answer her, but she never gave him the chance. She gabbed his raised hand and pulled him to his feet with a warning. "Come here you!" She said as she game him a painfully tight hug.

"Se... Serena, Can't breath." He said trying to let her to let go. "Why are all the women I know so violent?" He thought annoyed.

"Oh sorry!" She giggled as she let go.

"How did you know I was here?" Ceid asked annoyed and curious as stretched to relief the pain of her hug.

"Oh, a girl has her ways." She said and flicked her long hair with her hand jokingly confident, then continued. "I just wanted to congratulate you and deliver a message."

"What message?" Ceid asked curious.

"Naoko asked me to tell you to meet us at the cantina at the Spaceport this evening." She said excited.

Serena has been a friend of Ceid's for a long time, and he liked her as a person. But he did think that she never acted like a proper Jedi. She sometimes was very high strung, highly excitable and somewhat spoiled. Serena was born into a highly privileged family from Coruscant that provided everything for her and treated her like a princes. When she was given to the order for training, she retained many of her old habits despite all the training and the hard life of the Jedi. Though Ceid respected the fact that she was always herself, and that she did not allow the Jedi to change her.

"Alright. I'll be there. Why didn't Nao tell me herself?" He asked.

"I don't know, I guess she is busy or something. Hey you didn't congratulate me yet, you do know that I was knighted two days before you right?" She said and hopped like a little girl would do. "Though I think I got the lowest score in history!" She said as she laughed.

Ceid smiled. "My Trails were delayed since my Master was off planet. Congratulations to you too Serena." He congratulated with sincerity.

"Thank you Ceid. Okay, I'll see you there." She said with a smile as she turned around and walked to the door. She got to the door and it slid open, then she let a little yelp out as she got startled by the large Zabrak Jedi master in front of her. The Jedi arced an eyebrow at her and asked. "Are you alright Jedi Serena Halii?" Ceid mustered all of his self control in order not to burst into laugher.

"Sorry Master Reese, I am fine." No sooner did she finish speaking when she slipped out of the door quickly and out of site.

"Indeed." Master Reese said as she went out of the door and kept looking over his shoulder until he was satisfied that she was too far to hear them. He then looked at Ceid with an arched eyebrow. "How she managed to become a Knight is beyond me."

Ceid could no longer hold it, and he let out loud heartily laugh. "She is full of surprises, trust me on that."

Master Reese walked in and he put a silver colored case that he was holding on the table in front of Ceid. "Greetings Master." Ceid said respectfully with a bow. "What did you want to talk to me about?"

"So, finally this day came. You are a Jedi Knight." His master said with a smile.

"Indeed!" Ceid said, using his master's famous line. "I am still mad at you though. You kept me worried all day." Ceid chided the Zabrak. And Reese just laughed in response.

"I do that with all my apprentices. It is my treat for so many years of hard work." He explained jokingly, and then continued. "When I found you fifteen years ago on Corellia, you were only a child, shocked and afraid. Now you are a man, strong, wise and a hell of a Jedi. You stand before me as my equal."

"I thank you Master, but I am hardly your equal. I still have a lot to learn."

"Ah, even with your skills you are still very humble. I wounder why Sellis calls you Pride?" The Master asked rhetorically with a smile. "Titles and techniques will come in time, but you are now a man and a true Jedi." Ceid smiled lightly. "Congratulations Ceid, well done." Reese finished with a wide grin on his face.

"Thank you master, it means a lot coming from you." Ceid said with complete honesty.

"Anyways, come, I got you a gift." Master Reese said and he went to the case he put on the table and opened it. "This was given to me by my Master, when I was knighted. It has protected me.  It truly served me well, and now I pass it on to you." He said and he handed the present to Ceid.

Ceid took it and inspected it, it was some sort of shoulder guard with a harness that could be worn across the torso; the harness resembled a utility belt. It wasn't cumbersome, but it was definitely heavier than it looked. "A shoulder guard? Thank you master, but how could a shoulder guard have protected you?" Ceid asked curious.

Reese smile. "Hold it up towards me." Cied complied. Suddenly, Master Reese pulled and ignited his lightsaber, and in a flash of light, he struck the shield with a mighty swing of his blade. However, his blade shorted out and deactivated as soon as it came in contact with the shoulder guard. Ceid had a very noticeable look of surprise on his face.

"How?" He asked surprised.

"This shoulder guard is made from Cortosis ore. That is why it is heavy, as I am sure you have noticed. It is a very rare ore, and it's conductive properties can short out lightsabers for a few seconds." Reese said with a slight smile.

"This is... great!" Ceid said clearly impressed. He took off his Corellian green outer robes and put on the harness with the shield connected to it over his shoulder and clipped the harness, securing it in place. He then struck the shoulder guard on his right shoulder with his left palm, and looked back at his master with a satisfied smile. "This will do nicely!" Ceid grinned. "Thank you Master, being your Padawan was an honour." He said as he bowed.

Reese smiled and returned the bow. "Alright, that is it. Go celebrate with you fellow knights." He said as he turned around and walked out of the room. Ceid stood in the room alone, a content look appeared on his face.

The hours passed and when the time came, he headed to the Spaceport and entered the cantina. He saw Naoko, Serena and three other friends at the bar, laughing and joking around. Even though Ceid doesn't drink, he joined them and they celebrated together, toasting their knighting and to their continued service to the Jedi and the Republic. after an hour or two, his friends went back to the Temple and Ceid and Naoko stayed since Naoko told Ceid that she had something important to talk to him about. They sat at a round table around the back where it was quit and offered a measure of privacy.

"See, I told you that you were worrying over nothing. Nice shield by the way." Naoko said to Ceid.

"Yeah sure, you say that now. But hey, I am glad it turned out okay. And the shield was a gift from Master Reese." Ceid replied smiling.

"Ceid. Have you been following the news on the Extranet?" Naoko asked with a seriousness that made Ceid suspicious.

"Yes. Yes I have. Corellia is under fire. The Empire is on the move." He answered.

"I was knighted and I know I have responsibility to the Jedi. But I have greater responsibility to Corellia." She said and Ceid looked at her unsure of what to think.

"What are you trying to say?" He asked and she did not answer. "You are leaving aren't you?"

"Yes I am, I have to."

"Are you crazy? It is a war out there, you have no idea what is going to happen." Ceid said with an angry tone.

"If protecting my home planet means that I am crazy then yes I am." She said defensively. "Ceid, I respect the Jedi; they are wise, but there choices now will set fire to Corellia. I can't just sit here and count my heart beats. I have to do something about it." She continued passionately. Ceid sighed, whipped his face, and just looked at the table. He feared greatly for her safety, but he could not deny her logic. The Jedi's inaction and their blind commitment to that accursed treaty only encourages the Sith to move in secretly.

"I have already made the decision Pride, this is not what I wanted to talk to you about." She said.

"What is it then?" Ceid asked clearly upset.

"I... I want you to come with me." She asked nervously. Ceid widened his eyes in surprise and said nothing.

"I love you, and I don't want to leave without you. Plus, you are powerful and I know that you love Corellia as much as I do. Having you on their side would greatly benefit our people." Naoko continued as she stood up. "I will understand if you refuse, even though I would be extre..." Naoko was cutoff.

"Alright." Ceid interrupted.

"What?" Naoko asked, she did not expect that answer so quickly.

"Alright, I'll go. Someone has to keep you from doing something bravely stupid!" He said with a smile.

"Yes!" Naoko yelled excitedly as she jumped at Ceid who still sat on his chair, causing him to yell in pain. They enjoyed their time together for the rest of the night. Within a week, they were in Corellian space, pursuing their patriotic goals.
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Re: What Made the Man - Ceid Ankoun
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Chapter 3: Resistance
[4ATC, South bank of the Boiling Sea, Drall, Corellian System]

Ceid ran through the high grass and jumped off of a jagged rock face with great speed. He soared in the air for a few seconds, his arms outstretched and his Corellian green robes flapping behind him through the air like the wings of an avian predator. The cold air wrapped his body, sending a slight shiver down his spine. He yelled in excitement as waves of euphoria washed over him, jumping from this height sent adrenalin coursing through his body and his heart rate increased dramatically. He couldn't help but to smile until his momentum slowed and he began to fall. He enveloped his body with a soothing layer of force energy and slowly but steadily release it through his palms. His acceleration towards the ground and the sharp edged rocks bellow slowed and he gracefully landed on top of a large bolder. Ceid looked up as he saw an armor-clad man jump the rock face in the same way he had done. The man falling in a clumsier manner used his jetpack to slow his fall and come to an awkward stop to Ceid's side.

"Too Slow!" Ceid said with a wide grin and then he took off running again.

"You try wearing this damn suit!" Judas answered in a deep voice, clearly annoyed. He then chased Ceid along the bank of the boiling sea.

Though Ceid’s outgoing and fun-loving personality let him see the positive side of every situation, his analytical, more responsible side was more prominent during missions. Running along the banks of the boiling sea in pursuit of their target, his mind wondered back, and he remembered the events that got them to this situation.

Ceid, Naoko and Judas were sent to Dral by the organization they worked for to extract an imperial agent that was running a bounty office as a front for real activities. Which were Espionage, assassinations, and spreading propaganda that served the interests of the Empire. Ceid was unsure how their comrades in the Corellian Socialist Globalist Party acquired this information, but this mission was assigned to them, and he intended to make it a success. Ceid’s three man group considered assaulting the bounty office and extracting the agent by force, but that would have brought too much unwanted attention, which was counterproductive in a covert operation. Judas suggested approaching the agent disguised as bounty hunter and surveying the location. When an opportunity presented itself, they would abduct the man and get him off planet. They feared that the agent might have force users in his employ that would easily sense Ceid and Naoko’s strong connection to the force. The logical choice for this assignment was Judas Creek.

Judas had met Ceid and Naoko upon the two Jedi’s return to Corellian space a many months back. Their relationship was rocky at first, but things tend to work out in the strangest ways. They had contracted him to smuggle packages to key resistance members in different locations in Sith occupied territory. Though his professionalism and punctuality in deliveries were refreshing, his rebel personality clashed with Naoko’s by-the-book attitude. On multiple occasions, they would get into arguments and heated discussions about Judas’s methods, which always put Ceid’s diplomatic skill to the test. Keeping them from getting into a fistfight was a full time job.

During one of Judas’ runs, his ship got caught by a Sith Battle Cruiser and he was arrested under the charge of smuggling arms and supporting terrorism against the Empire. He would have faced a grim fate indeed if it wasn’t for Ceid’s insistence on rescuing their captured partner. After putting together a rescue plan, Ceid and the organization he worked for assaulted the penal colony that Judas was imprisoned in. Things went according to plan, and it would have been a great success if it wasn’t for one important detail... Judas had already escaped. Though technically he didn’t need their help, Judas appreciated Ceid’s concern for him, and they became what he would call friends. Judas’ love of freedom did not allow him to become a soldier for any organization, but the cause of the Corellian Globalist Party was noble. He agreed to take up a few contracts for the organization, with only one condition... Ceid and Naoko had to be involved in the contracts that were given to him.

During the reconnaissance phase of the operation, something went wrong. The Agent, which the Globalist Party identified as Lekko Maksi, somehow discovered Judas and followed a predetermined escape plan. However, Judas was able to shadow him and relate his position to Ceid. Coordinating with the rest of his team, Ceid was able to cut off his route to the space port, forcing the agent to improvise. This sent them on a chase through the settlement and out to the shores of the boiling see.

Naoko was south east of the boiling sea’s shore, so Ceid had asked her to go along the shore heading west, effectively putting her a few kilometers in front of them. Ceid silently joked that it would be much safer for the agent to come peacefully with them instead of facing the wrath of Naoko that waited stealthily ahead of him.

"Why would he take this route? There is no way he can escape now." Ceid asked somewhat puzzled as Judas came within earshot of him.

"If I was him, I would hide a shuttle somewhere away from the settlement in case things went south." Judas answered. He was panting heavily. Running at such a speed in his armor was difficult. He wanted his long coat back. He took off his helmet and threw it over his shoulder. It bounced off of a small rock behind him and rolled into the water. He then took off the chest piece and chucked it aside, then readjusted the red shirt and black vest underneath.

"Damn piece of junk!" Judas cursed, clearly annoyed. Finding himself considerably lighter, he began to pick up speed. Ceid laughed in response.

Less than a minute of running later, the two pursuers were in visual range of their target. The agent dawning black light leather armor had a blaster hanging low on his hip. When the agent realized that his pursuers have caught up to him, he stopped and rolled behind a protruding bolder. Before Ceid and Judas could react, the agent popped up from behind the bolder with his blaster in hand and opened fire. Luckily for them, the area the agent decided to make his stand in was littered with rocks of various sizes. Some of the rocks where large enough for them to take cover behind. As the agent’s shots missed their targets, Ceid slide to a stop behind a rock and Judas barrel rolled behind another that was a few meters away from where Ceid had taken cover.

"SHRIESTA!" Judas spat and he upholstered the two blasters that hung low to either side of his waist and returned fire. Ceid reached into his robes and pulled out his lightsaber. A brilliant silver blade of pure light came protruding from the hilt as he ignited it. Ceid deflected a few blaster bolts back to their source as he jumped out from behind cover. He stretched his free hand out and grabbed a nearby rock through the force. The large flat rock was loose enough to be lifted up in the air and it hovered for a few seconds. With a flick of his arm, the rock was sent tumbling end over end towards the agent’s position. As the imperial popped out of cover to take aim, his eyes widened in horror as he saw the large rock flying towards him. He threw himself to the floor and rolled out of the way moments before the large projectile impacted his cover. The force of the impact was amazing and the two rocks shattered, sending hundreds of sharp Shrapnel expanding in all directions. A few of them found their mark and buried themselves in the agent’s back and left side as he laid down, face to the ground with his arms covering his head and face. His light armor was strong enough to protect him from the flying razors, but he knew he would not survive this confrontation if it lasted any longer. The agent staggered to his feet, and gingerly took a step. When he regained his balance, he took off running. Judas came out from behind cover and lined up the fleeing man in his sights. Before he could fire, he heard Ceid yell.

"Hold your fire!" Judas looked to his right to see Ceid standing on what was his cover with an arm stretched out, silently asking him to stop. "We want him alive." Ceid spoke calmly with a smooth voice.

"What? You get to throw mountains at him, and I can’t even fire a blaster?" Judas asked sarcastically while waving his two blasters to either side.

"That was a mistake." Ceid admitted with a wide grin. He then took off after the agent.

Judas rolled his eyes and ran after Ceid. "Can't you just pick him up and hold him there or something?" Judas asked with a deep voice.

"Yes, I just need to get a little closer." No sooner did he finish his sentence when the agent was suddenly launched backwards in the air as he was struck by an invisible force. With this, the agent was within Ceid's effective range and the Jedi took the opportunity to grab the agent with the force and held him in the air. When he looked up, he saw Naoko standing about twenty meters ahead with a serious face and her orange blades at the ready.

Naoko Sellis was stunning by human standards. Slim yet athletic body with a petite frame, long black hair and always wore a slightly modified Aspiring Knight's armor set. Her facial features, mainly the epicanthus of her eyes, showed her dominant Atrisian heritage. Naoko also wore sea blue eye shadow; she had done so ever since she was a child. The eye makeup gave her a measure of security for a reason that was even a mystery to her. Sellis had a deep love for Corellia, and a sense of patriotism that matched her strong personality.

Ceid flashed a smile as he effortlessly suspended the agent in mid-air. "That's my girl!" He said as she came closer to the three men.

"Way to go blue." Judas chimed in; referring to the sea blue eye shadow she ways wore.

"What would you boys do without me?" Naoko asked sarcastically, putting a closed palm to her hip.

"I dunno, probably go grab a drink at the cantina? Grab a few ladies and have fun for a change!” Judas answered as he counted, raising a finger for each item on his list mockingly. Naoko flashed him a disapproving look and Ceid could only laugh in response until Naoko gave him the same look.

"Okay, okay. Back to work. Time to get our friend here back to base." Ceid changed the subject still flashing a smile.

"You can't just walk into the spaceport with this guy floating in the air behind you kid." Judas chastised. Ceid was only two years younger than him, but he took every chance to remind him of it.

"Don’t worry; he won’t give us any trouble, will you?” Ceid said as he waved his hand using the force to make their captive more cooperative. The agent stared back at Ceid in defiance.

"I don't think that worked." Judas stated, somewhat annoyed.

Naoko came closer to the man floating in mid-air. "You won’t give us any trouble now will you Lekko?" She asked as she slapped the back of the agent's head with such force, it made him see stars.

Both Ceid and Judas winced at the impact, then Judas cut in. “Oh Yea!... I think that worked!
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Re: What Made the Man - Ceid Ankoun
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The extraction of Lekko Maksi was a success. They returned to the spaceport and imprisoned the agent in a makeshift cell aboard Judas’ YT-1000 Corellian Light Stock freighter Silver Queen. It wasn’t long before they returned to Soronia and set the ship down. The Globalist Party’s newly formed militia had taken some of the abandoned mines underneath the surface of the ice planet as a base of operations.

The group’s leadership were nothing more than politicians looking to grab as many votes as possible from the populous. By forming a military defense line from, by and for the people, they hoped to arouse Corellians’ sense of patriotism as well as fear of the barbarians at the gate to gain support. That was a ploy used by politicians for centuries, and it was damned effective. The actual militia was inefficient, ineffective and was largely ignored until Ceid and Naoko joined their ranks and help organize their assets. Having a couple of Jedi as part of an organization brought a measure of legitimacy in the minds of skeptics, but the Corellian Socialist Globalist Party’s militia was far from perfect. It had gaps in its chain of command that made the organization as a whole susceptible for infiltration.

Ceid and his two companions turned Maksi over to their group’s security force and retired to their quarters to get some much needed rest. Just as they handed the prisoner over however, Ceid saw a smile form on the agent’s face which left him with an uneasy feeling. After a while, they returned to the main bunker for their briefing. A large man was waiting for them. Ceid recognized the man as Cozen Harkel, the supposed commander of the militia. He was an arrogant man who believed himself to be the leader of all free Corellians. As the son of one of the party’s main leaders, he was given his position and never earned it like a true commander is supposed to do. His sense of entitlement always got on Ceid’s nerves.

"Ankoun, Sellis." Harkel said then flashed a look of contempt at Judas. "Creek." He finished, thrusting his chin forward. "You've got some explaining to do."

"It's good to see you too Giggles." Judas mocked, and Ceid and Naoko were unable to hide their smiles as Judas said their illustrious leader’s nickname.

"What is it now Cozen?" Naoko asked with an almost bored tone.

"We've detected a ship in orbit, it does not match any Corellian designs I have ever seen." He answered, almost accusing the three in front of him.

"Why do I sense accusation in your voice... Giggles?" Ceid asked in a tone that Judas would approve of, and just as he finished this sentence, the ground shook violently.

As everyone braced themselves, a woman came running to Harkel and spoke with fear in her eyes. "Commander, the ship in orbit, it has started bombarding us. It also sent a few shuttles down."

"Damn! Why is this happening?" Harkel asked with panic starting to show in his features.

"After his capture, Maksi never attended to escape, and he never called for aid at the spaceport. I even saw him smiling when we handed him over to Chosay. It is like he wanted to be here." Ceid analyzed as he drew back on his memory.

"He allowed himself to be captured. And we brought him straight to the base." Naoko continued as situation became transparent.

"Were did you say that Intel came from again?" Judas asked Harkel.

"Straight from the top, my father transmitted the film to me himself." Harkel answered.

"Have they been confirmed? corroborated?" Judas asked as he was getting fed up with the leadership's stupidity. Harkel never answered. "Was someone at least sent to scope the place before we were sent?" He said as his voice's volume rose.

After a moment of silence, Harkel proclaimed. "No need, I never question the Leadership."

"AH!" Judas yelled in anger and annoyance. "I hate to brake it to ya' Giggles, but your Leadership are a bunch of idiots with no training, and you have all been had!"

The ground shook again as blaster fire from the bombarding ship hit the surface of the ice planet. "Deni, give the evacuation order." Ceid asked the young woman. She nodded and turned to walk away when she was stopped by Harkel.

"No! We had to defend this facility!" He yelled.

"Are you crazy? You have nothing more than a few shuttles and a handful of people. Don't fight a battle you have no chance in hell of winning." Naoko spat.

"This facility is the pride of the Globalist Party; I will not see it fall so easily." Harkel declared defiantly.

"Throw away your own life if you want." Judas said with a scowl and then turned to Deni. "Do as you were told kid." Judas turned around and looked at Naoko and Ceid. "It's time to leave people, meet me at the Queen." He said and then double timed it out of the exit. Deni hesitated for a moment. She looked at Harkel, and then back to Ceid. As Ceid returned her gaze, she nodded and went off to oversee the evacuation.

"Cowards!" Harkel yelled as he grabbed the blaster rifle that was slung over his shoulder and took aim at Judas that was almost at the exit. In a flash, Naoko ignited her orange lightsaber and chopped the rifle in half.

"You crazy some of a Bitch! If you want to stay here and die a meaningless death, then have it your way. But you won't take anyone else with you. Your organization did little more than annoy the Sith before we came along. So save your hero talk.” Naoko said with anger as she pointed to tip of her blade at Harkel’s throat. The ground shook again and Ceid put his hand on Naoko’s shoulder.

"Enough, we have to go!” Ceid said urgently. With a nod, Naoko deactivated her saber and the pair ran out of the facility and made their way to the makeshift landing pad. The majority of the base's complement was boarding the three shuttles that were at the base. When they boarded Judas' ship, he had already started the preflight sequence. "Go!" Naoko yelled.

"Hang on to your lightsabers, it's going to get rough." Judas warned as the small ship lifted off and started it's assent into the stratosphere.

"Wait, these shuttles won't stand a chance against that ship. We have to buy them some time." Ceid said as he sat in the co-pilot's seat.

"Surely the Defense fleet has picked this ship up on their sensors." Naoko hoped.

"I am sure they have, but they won’t get here in time. The people on the shuttles are as good as dead if you do not distract that ship." Ceid reasoned.

"Shrista!" Judas cursed. "Man the turrets." He then ordered. Both Ceid and Naoko ran out of the cockpit and manned the blaster cannons that were located at port and starboard of the vessel.

Once they cleared the atmosphere, Judas brought the ship about and laid a course for the assaulting ship. The ship was considerably larger than Judas' Light Stock freighter, and had much larger armaments. A prolonged fight with this thing would be suicide; Judas muttered a few obscenities under his breath. Judas consoled himself with the fact that this ship was much faster, and much maneuverable than the assailant vessel. "We won't need to fight this thing for too long anyways." He said with a low voice and then he spoke through the Com. "We are in range. Hit it with everything you got!"

Ceid heard Judas over the Com, and then he saw the enemy ship. He and Naoko opened a long, sustained line of blaster fire, which slowly drained the enemy ship’s shield, forcing it to turn its attention to them instead of the rising shuttles. As the ship made a slow turn to meet the more maneuverable freighter, Judas barrel rolled the ship and brought it around for another run. Again, Ceid and Naoko opened fire at their target. The bad news was that the ship's shields were too strong for them to do any real damage. The good news was that the three shuttles escaped the planet's atmosphere and went beyond the effective range of the enemy ship's main blaster cannons. Their enemy now faced them head on. It opened fire and the blackness of space was lit up with blaster fire. Judas weaved and rolled his ship trying to avoid the blaster fire with an impressive display of piloting skills. The blaster fire missed its mark, and Judas veered away from the enemy ship. He quickly brought the Queen about and entered FTL travel. He heard Ceid and Naoko cheer and yell as they successfully escaped.

"Okay! Good work. But the next time I agree to do something like that, kick me in the teeth!" Judas said with relief and returned to his old wisecracking self.
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Re: What Made the Man - Ceid Ankoun
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Chapter 4: Front
[5ATC, Corellian Space, Corellian System]

It's been many months since the almost complete destruction of the Corellian Socialist Globalist Party's militia. The destruction didn't result in massive loss of life or personnel; it simply fell apart after the bombardment of Soronia. The main cause was the lack of contingency plans and emergency procedures. Other reasons were the incompetence of the leadership and the gaps between the intelligence gathering and active field phases. Most of the time, the leadership did not know the source of their intelligence but sent in field agents on various missions that were traps more often than they wanted. It was no surprise that it fell apart. Ceid and his group tried to enact some reforms after they joined, but it was too late, the level of infiltration in the organization was cancerous.  

Though as they say, things tend to work out in strange ways. The daring engagement of an imperial battle cruiser that saved the lives of most of the members of the CSGP on Soronia, made Ceid, Judas and Naoko heroes in the eyes of patriots. This caused a few of the informants in the old CSGP to send all bits of intelligence their way.  The trio not wanting to repeat the mistakes of their predecessors, they treated every bit of information with great skepticism and only acted when they were a hundred percent sure of the Intel. They were by no means a political party or a militia; they were a small group of skilled individuals that had the support of the people, helping out wherever they can.

Without a place to stay, Ceid and Naoko spent the majority of the last few months on Judas' ship. The little freighter was beat up, but it was a fine vessel. Whenever Judas would take up private contracts, Ceid and Naoko served as part of his crew for the remainder of the mission. And when they organized an operation against imperial interests in Corellian space, Judas served as a member of their team. The partnership wasn't without its problems and arguments, but it worked out. Judas didn't mind the company after spending so much time alone in space, also having two Jedi on board was very intimidating to his rivals and very impressive to his employers.

Ceid sat in the Copilot's chair. After months on board, Ceid learned much about flying and handling of ships from Judas. Even he would say that Ceid's become a decent pilot. Ceid was alone in the cockpit, Naoko was off practicing her saber forms in the cargo bay, and Judas received a holo message and went to the holo terminal to check it out. As Ceid manned the throttle on the sublight engines, he started toying with the idea of barrel rolling the ship. He knew it was a bad idea, but he really enjoyed it when Judas did it the last time, even though it was in the middle of a battle. He knew Judas would be mad if he played around with the ships maneuvering system, but he was alone in the cockpit for once, he might not get this chance again. "Oh what the hells!" Ceid said as he prepared to execute the maneuver, just then Judas came on the Com.

"Ceid, …" Ceid almost jumped at the sound of his name, there is no way Judas knew what he was thinking. But he relaxed when Judas continued. "...Blue, come to the holo terminal, you should see this." Judas finished off. Putting aside his childish thoughts, he went off to see what's happening.

As the two Jedi made their way to the smuggler, he filled them in on the latest news. One of Judas' contacts have informed him of a failed recruitment attempt by an imperial backed separatist organization on Corellia. The potential recruit was more of a patriot than the separatists counted on. He also informed them that potential recruit was discrete enough not to reject them officially, which gave them an opportunity to infiltrate this group and gather as much Intel as possible. Only the recruit's handler knew what he looked like, with a little persuasion with the force, a powerful force user could assume the identity of the recruit. As Ceid was a natural born Consular, his skills in the mental aspects of the force made his the logical choice to go.

"Here is the best part." Judas started. "There are whispers of Sith, a powerful one. His name is unknown, position unknown, just thought you should keep your head up."

"We'll find out soon enough won't we?" Naoko said as she looked at Ceid. He was calm and collected; his facial expressions were not of fear, but intrigue and curiosity. He nodded in return.

Convincing the weak-minded handler that Ceid was Corvis Colik was an easy task, he suppressed his force powers but not completely, keeping a part of it so it would seem to other force users as though he was a force sensitive bounty hunter, unaware of his power. This would make him a tempting target to Sith, that may approach as a potential student, falling right into his trap.

Before the handler would give him access to their base of operations' location, he had to be sure of Corvis' loyalty to their organization. Ceid was sent on 3 different missions to prove his loyalty. One a breaking and entering into CoreSec headquarters to release a prisoner. The two others were assassination.  Ceid would relay the objectives of his mission to Judas and Naoko before embarking, the jail break would succeed, making Corvis look good, only for the escapee to be captured 24 hours later. The assassinations would succeed as well, but it wouldn't be the real targets, and no one would die. There contacts in CoreSec played a wonderful roll of staging everything to look like a murder scene. All the test missions would go off without a hitch, or so it seemed to Corvis' handler; it wasn't long before he was giving a set of coordinates to go to. It was what he was waiting for, the ticket to the beast's lair. What surprised him the most was that the 'lair' was in space.

"A ship?" Ceid asked, and the handler confirmed. Perfect, Ceid thought.

It wasn't long before he was on a shuttle and on the way to the base ship. Ceid had related the coordinates to the base ship to his partners and tried to work out a plan. His objective was to secure a position within the organization, identify the leadership and covertly put an end to this separatist uprising. But they also had to plan Ceid's escape.

Soon after the shuttle landed, Ceid descended the ramp with a few others that were recruited by the shadowy group.

"Welcome initiates. The Corellian Brotherhood is happy to have you." A mid aged human with sharp yellow eyes, black eye shadow and facial tribal tattoos spoke with an eerie tone. "Follow me, to the briefing room."

The group of two Humans, a Zabrak and a Twi’lek followed the one man welcome party to a large room at the end of the shuttle bay. Inside, a tall, imposing figure stood at the other end of the room with his back to them, dressed in all red and black armored robes. "Four more joined our ranks." The figure said as it turned around. Ceid's nostril flared and his brows wrinkled for a fraction of a second in anger at the site of a Sith pureblood in Corellian space. But the micro expression instantly faded and went without notice.

"You are patriots. Yes, you are the ones who truly care about Corellia. You are the ones who truly understand the weakness of the Republic. You understand that the Republic is holding back the Corellian people. And finally, you know that Corellia will only flourish with Imperial aid." The Sith sounded convinced of his own words. “With this partnership of Sith and Corellians, there is nothing we can't accomplish together. But first we have to quell the naive groups of people who still fight for the Republic. We recently destroyed one a few months ago…" Ceid understood that the Sith was referring to the CSGP, but kept his emotional reactions under control.

As of this second, you are all initiates of the Corellian Brotherhood. With all the rights, benefits and responsibilities that come with said rank. I am Lord Fathom, and I shall serve you are your leader. Welcome my brothers.

Ceid tried to make sense of what he just seen. The Sith truly believed that he was doing the right thing. The group bowed before their new leader and Ceid followed suite. He felt shame at the insincere show of respect, but he had no choice. He had a mission to complete. The Human who welcomed them gestured with his palm and the group followed him out of the room. “I will take you to your quarters.” The man said and then led them to the lowest level of the Base Ship, and showed everyone their quarters. Two initiates were assigned to one room and Ceid was paired with the Twi’lek.

The group left and Ceid and the other sentient proceeded to unpack and get settled. Ceid picked up his concealed encrypted communicator and stuffed it covertly in his pants pocket then sat down on his bed. The Twi’lek then found it appropriate to introduce himself. “Hi there. My name is Slowka. Nice to meet you.” He said then extended his hand. Ceid grabbed the man's hand and with a firm shake said “Corvis Colik. Nice to meet you.” The Twi’lek smiled and was about to continue when Ceid's communicator started beeped loudly. Both sentients instantly looked towards the source of the beeping, then look at each other. After a moment of awkward silence, the Twi’lek tried to move to the door, but Ceid stood up and instantly struck the blue being  in the back of his neck, rendering him unconscious.

Ceid cursed under his breath, carried them Twi’lek to his bed and then answered his com. He was not mad at the caller, it was his fault, and he should have set his Com to silent mode or asked for Com silence. It was against policy for anyone to carry any private communication devices on board. If someone did, he would look extremely suspicious.  “Colik here, any problems on the way?

Negative.” Came the reply. “Everything went according to plan and we are transmitting on your frequency. We see what you see.

After Ceid told them the location, one of their sources in the planetary Docking control told them that a very small fleet cargo ships leave the docks to those coordinates every two days, and it was about that time. The plan was simple on paper, but difficult to execute. They had their contact add Judas' ship to the fleet list and on arrival, they had to covertly maneuver their ship away from the other cargo ships, and attach it to the bottom of the Base ship undetected and stay away from sight. Ceid didn't know the details or how his team was coming. All he knew was that they were here. Ceid proceeded to tell them everything he saw at the meeting and the small incident with his would be roommate.

Fathom huh?” Naoko said over the Com. “I will run some research.”

Pride. It might be a good idea to tie up and gag your little roomy. “ Suggested Judas.

I have a better idea.” Ceid said then moved to the Twi’lek. He reached into his mind with the aid of the Force and casted his thought into a looping dream. The being wouldn't be able to exit the dream and wake up except from external stimuli. And since Ceid wasn't planning on waking the man up, he was effectively put in an artificially induced Coma. “There. Blue’ie won't be a problem anymore.

"Good. You should check out the engineering section.  We will need the Intel. At the first opportunity, connect your Com into any available console. We will be able to access your host's systems from here.” Judas suggested again.

And Ceid did just that. Passing through the corridors or the Base Ship, Ceid only imagined the level of funding this place received. There were hundreds of operatives on location, many in the field, hundreds of supplies on weekly bases, and weapons and armor to the teeth. And all of this, was happening right under the nose of the Corellian government. Or was it? The scale of this operation was too large to go unnoticed. Someone inside the government must be providing political and logistical cover for the Imperial backed separatists. That thought made Ceid's spine shiver.

When he got to Engineering, the place was largely empty. He had no trouble going in. He thought to himself that if someone stopped him, he would tell them that he was making himself familiar with his new base of operations. That excuse was thin at best, but it would work at least one time. That is all he needed. Ceid was impressed at the size of the Base Ship’s engine room. In the center of the large room, there was a circular shaft in the ground with railings around. Ceid went to the railings and looked down. He was almost awestruck at the sight of the two colossal Engine Cores. This base ship’s power generators closely resembled that of a full-fledged space station. The only real difference was that it was capable of FTL speeds.

Cutting his ever expanding trail of thought, Ceid turned around and moved to the closed console. He quickly inserted his Com into the Console and let specially designed program embedded in his com to work its magic and patch Judas and Naoko into the ship’s systems. Ceid hoped that this would do enough damage. He then took his Com discretely when it started flashing green, and with a quick look around, he hid his Com and moved to the exit.

Hey you!” Ceid almost froze at the sound. “What are you doing here. This is a restricted area.

Ceid turned around and saw a Mirialan female walking down the stairwell that led to the second level of the Engineering section. Ceid pumped his chest and tried to play the part of a dashing merc. “Well… Hello.” Ceid smiled as he walked towards her and met her at the bottom of the stairs. “Sorry to barge in on ya like this beautiful. I had no idea. I am new here.” He saw her tough as nails cold exterior unwavering, and her stare sharp, standing with her hand on her hip and her foot unconsciously tapping on the floor. But he sensed some doubt in her. Ceid extended his hand and smiled again confidently. “Name is Corvis Colik. And it’s VERY nice to meet someone like you on this dull ship.” The woman suddenly rolled her eyes as she moved the hand on her hip to flick a strand of hair back and off her face. Her reaction was that of boredom, as if she had heard that line so many times before. At least she was no longer suspicious of the intruder. “Leave. This area is off limits to initiates.

That was what Ceid was waiting for, but he thought to sell the part, he shouldn't retreat so soon. Ceid moved around her as if inspecting a new speeder. “Happy to miss…” Ceid paused to get her to say her name.

Miss Chief Engineer!” She said in a sharp voice.

Well Miss Chief Engineer, I will leave if you have dinner with me tonight.” He said as he leaned in and smiled. “I could use the company, I am awfully home sick.

Her sharp frown suddenly cracked showing a slight smile at the would-be dashing rebel. “Get out or I’ll kick you out.” She said with an amused and calm tone.

Ceid raised his hands in surrender and walked backwards while maintaining his smile. “If kicking is your thing, then let's kick it together!“ She shook her head and smiled again.

I’ll pick ya up at eight. What do you say?” He said then turned his raised hands into a flexing position. She laughed. “At least you are original. I’ll think about it. Now leave!” She ordered.

Yes Ma’am!” Ceid said playfully and turned to leave, extremely relieved that his act worked in removing suspicion.

When he was out of the door, Judas spoke into his earpiece. “Seriously Lover boy?

Shut up!” replied Ceid annoyed.

Ooo I will enjoy watchin' Blue kick your butt when I tell her what you just did.

Ceid played off Judas’s comment with a smile and went on exploring the ship, awaiting for more Intel from his team. He saw many species and and people from all walks of life, and it saddened him to see so many Corellians lose faith in the Republic. Soon, Naoko spoke over the Com. "Ceid, get to a secure place, we have some information on your friend Fathom.

On my way.” He said and made his way to his quarters. Upon entry, he saw the Twi’lek still unconscious on his bed as was expected. “Okay, what is it.

Fathom, Lord of the Sith. Worked directly at the orders of the Dark Council for a while, then disappeared eleven months ago. Dropped off the map. No one has heard anything from him… until now. If Fathom is behind this, then we have to end this now.

There are so many Corellians on board. I don’t know about this.” Ceid started to rethink their prepared plan.

Traitors! Every one of them.” Naoko interrupted.

They have their reasons, these people honestly believe what they are doing is the right thing to do. It is not black or white. Can we just dismiss this and end so many lives?” Ceid argued.

Do we have a choice?” Judas asked and there was a small pause. “It is them or Corellia. They made their choice.

Justified killing is the most dangerous my friend. We will be making martyrs out of them.” Ceid said as he closed his eyes, and then looked to the sleeping Twi’lek. He then surrendering to the sad truth. “So Be it.

Damn it. I don’t have any real control, all I can do it read information without the ability to manipulate. But it says here that to engage the self-destruct you have to… This could be a problem.” Naoko concluded.

What is it?” Asked Ceid.

All engine core functions, including maneuvering and FTL only activate on the direct orders of Fathom and after a direct DNA scan.” Naoko informed.

Okay. This really could be a problem. I can’t get to the guy. He is under guard round the clock. And if I see him on the bridge, I can’t just walk up and take a hair sample!
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Re: What Made the Man - Ceid Ankoun
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"Pride! You're a genius! That is exactly what we'll do. Get a hair sample from his quarters." Judas suggested.

"A great idea but it won't work, the door to Fathom's room is voice activated with a specific frequency signal from his neck implants that change depending on the time of the day." Nao explained. "We need you to get him to talk Pride."

"Alright. I'll see what I can do." Ceid said and walked out of the door on his way to the bridge.

Soon after, he made this way to the bridge and exited the lift. Ceid saw the Sith lord standing right behind two of his officers. Each of them was hard at work and each of them seemed very nervous that their 'boss' was watching their every move.

Ceid approached the men and stood a set behind and to the side of the Sith. "I must say, I have never seen such an operation before. It is quite impressive. I can't even imagine the budget required. I feel very lucky to be a part of it my Lord." Ceid probed, the last word tasted sour in his mouth.

The Sith looked at him with indifference, then look away. Ceid grimaced. "I hope you don't mind me asking, but where 'do' we get out funding from anyways?"

This seemed to get the Commander's attention. The Sith walked closer to Ceid and brought his face uncomfortably close to the Jedi's with absolute disregard to personal space. Ceid simply stared back.

"Are we old friends?" The Sith Asked.

"Err.." Ceid never got the chance to answer.

"Am I your 'old buddy'?..." The Sith continued. "… No? An acquaintance perhaps? Or I might simply be a good listener and you want to tell me your life story. Is that it? Do you want to ask me about the weather as well?" The tone of voice and the choice of words dripped with mockery, making Ceid feel a little insulted and embarrassed.

"No my lord, I simply…"

"Then do not approach you commander and have small talk ever again. This time, I'll let it go because you're still new here. Next time…" The Sith's voice because sharp like a black whisper. "…It is out of the airlock for you. Is that understood?"

"Yes my lord."

"Be gone!" With this Ceid turned around and walked away, he did not try to conceal his anger. Doing so might draw suspension. After all, anger was the natural reaction for none force users when they get publicly ridiculed. Ceid heard Judas' laughter coming from his ear piece.

"We got everything we needed Ceid, good job. And don't let Judas bother about it." Naoko said but then Judas' laughter became louder.

When Ceid got off the lift a few levels below and made sure no one was watching, he spoke to his team. "We have the voice print?" The answer came positively. "Alright, I'll make my way to the Sith's quarters."

The Jedi reached the Commander's room with great difficulty, dodging patrols along the entire trip. When he approached the door, Judas played a forged access command with Fathom's voice through Ceid's Com speaker and the door slid open. It wasn't long before Ceid found what he was looking for and made his way out, trying to forget the creepy feeling of being in the Sith's dark, lifeless quarters.

"There! Everything is ready, get to engineering, start the sequence and run." Said Judas.

"Do we have an exit plan or am I becoming a martyr for the cause?" Ceid said with a sense of urgency as he started to run towards the Engineering.

"You let me worry about that brother." The replay came back with confidence.

Ceid reached Engineering and barged in. "Hey you!" Ceid heard someone say, and then the person approached Ceid, only to be lifted and flung across the room with the aid of the Force. The Jedi knew that would draw more attention soon enough. He ran to the nearest console and started entering commands furiously. The guard got back to his feet with difficulty and ran to the door panel and tapped a button. Alarms suddenly filled the air. "Damn it Pride. Hurry up." Judas urged.

"It's fine, I am done." Ceid said as a second alarm sounded then a mechanical voice spoke in engineering.

"Self Destruct sequence activated. Overloading all thermo-plasma cores in five minutes. Destruction imminent. Locking terminals."

"Run to Airlock seventeen Ceid, we'll meet you there." Naoko yelled in the Com and Ceid ran. He ran as fast as he could out of the large room and the guard followed.

Judas looked to his copilot and smiled. "It's time to get your man home Blue."

"This is CRAZY!" Naoko snapped and looked to Judas clearly irritated and worried. “… But if anyone can do it, I know it's you."

"Well, thanks for the vote of confidence, but don't go all nice on me now. I like you better when you’re mean." Judas said with a smile and the response was a punch in the shoulder. "Ouch!" Judas complained, but suddenly his feature turned deadly serious and his eyes became sharp as a Hawkbat's. "Now we fly.

The pilot detached the freighter from the bottom hull of the massive mobile station. He then brought his vessel above the small feet of cargo ships with impressive speed and opened fire. The first volley of all of Judas' ship's weapons took the fleet by surprise, the damage was devastating. When he passed to the front of the fleet, he turned the ship suddenly upwards and flipped it in mid turn, setting him up for a second run and a second volley. This rendered the fleet out of commission. No sooner did he finish the maneuver, when the main blaster cannons of the Redinant took aim at the hostile newcomer and opened fire. Judas barrel rolled and strafed left and right, up and down, doing his best to avoid enemy fire. His ship was small, but fast and maneuverable. The Redinant’s cannons could not keep track of the rouges. Judas flew by the massive ship and released a long and steady stream of fire across its hull. At such a close distance, its shields were useless and left a large swath behind him. Fires irrupted, explosions followed, releasing compressed atmosphere into empty space. It was like a poisonous snake biting into the flesh of a large beast.

Judas then took the vessel to the other side of the Redinant and urgently docked with the giant.

"Get to the airlock!" Judas yelled and Naoko complied with haste.

Along the way, tens of patrols tried to obstruct Ceid. He pushed some out of the way with the aid of the Force, others, he leaped over. Soon enough, he reached airlock seventeen. It slid open and Naoko came out of the other side with her lightsaber ignited and at the ready. "Get in!" She yelled as he came ever closer. He was fast, but not fast enough. A group of security officer rounded the corner and had Ceid in their sights. One of them was the guard that followed Ceid from Engineering. He fell to a combat crouch, steadied his aim and fired his high powered sniper rifle. The shot took Ceid straight between the shoulder blades. A look of horror washed Naoko's face as Ceid came to a full stop in front of her with his eyes wide open in surprise.

Naoko yelled in rage and threw her orange blade hard at the enemies. The blade flipped end over end across the distance between them and found its mark. It sliced straight through the man, killing him instantly and then returned to her hand just in time to catch Ceid's large frame and pull him into their ship. "JUDAS! GO NOW!" She yelled as panic and desperation began to consume her.

Judas undocked and began the FTL jump sequence. As he cleared the area, he put the Redinant on his view screen and saw her burst into flames. A giant sphere of shuttle sized shrapnel and molten metal expanded in every direction. He noticed a few escape pods and shuttles launch before the explosion, but he gave it no thought. "Hell ya! You should have seen it Blue! It was beautiful!"

"JUDAS! HELP ME! PLEASE!" He heard Nao over the com, clearly crying.

"Blue?..." He then jumped out of his seat and worriedly ran to the airlock.
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Re: What Made the Man - Ceid Ankoun
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******************************Separate Ways******************************
Chapter 5: Separate Ways
[5ATC, Corellian System, Aboard Judas' Freighter]

No time to stop and think, no time to worry, no time to dwell on how heart breaking Blue's cry for help was, Judas' only thought was to get to the airlock and hope for the best. As soon as he turned the corner and into the loading area, he saw the complete opposite of what he hoped. He saw Naoko on floor on her knees, tears puring down her cheeks, holding Ceid's motionless form as blood pooled under them. She looked at him with eyes he'd never seen from the indestructible Naoko.
"Help me." That was the only thing she said, which escaped her lips with a whisper.

Judas rushed to her side. "It's alright Naoko, it'll be okay." He said as he gently but urgently lifted Ceid's heavy frame and carried him to the med bey. That was the first time Judas has ever called Naoko by her real name.

As Judas urgently applied what little medical knowhow he had, with a single voice command, he activated a small S-series medical droid and it approached and took over the bulk of the work. He simply aided by attempting to stop the bleeding. Naoko only stood in the back with her arms folded, with a desperate and helpless look on her face. After a while, it worked, and Ceid started responding to the treatment.
"Subject stabilizing." Said a mechanical voice, and Judas smiled as he leaned against the medical bunk to relax a little and looked to Naoko.

"Told ya Blue." He said confidently.
But then, whether by the will of the force, or purely horrible luck, Ceid's heart stopped... Suddenly, the medical instruments began to beep loudly and incessantly, and everyone looked back in surprise. Judas urgently turned back and began scanning. Naoko on the other hand, simply stood there, shocked. Her features changed gradually from shock, to sorrow, to a tearful mess, then to anger and fury.

She began to breath heavily as her vision narrowed. She was then instantly consumed with fear and pure hatered of everthing and everyone.
Naoko yelled at the top of her lunges as she could no longer control herself. Judas continued his attempt to revive his friend. "It's not over yet!" He hoped.
"You did this!" She said as she slapped the medical scanner from his hand and walked towards him with an intention to kill in an uncontrollable rage.

"Subject terminated." Said the S-series, and Noako ignited her lightsaber and chopped it half. It fell to the ground in a shower of sparks and cracked optics. A light shade of yellow became visible in Naoko's eyes.
"What the hell are you doing?" Judas asked with total confusion and anger in his voice. He walked backwards, not willing to fight with a friend while another laid dead on the bunk one meter away.
"YOU KILLED HIM! IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT! YOUR CRAZY IDEAS!" Naoko yelled as she instantly swung her lightsaber in an angry, sloppy strike at Judas.

Judas easily ducked the wild swing as he yelled at Naoko. "Damn it Blue be reasonable! What the hell are thinking? I need to help Ceid, step aside!"
Going crazy at the sound of Ceid's name, she punched Judas with a fist that used to bring even Ceid down during combat training. She quickly followed it with a push into the wall from a distance and ran closer to him again and pinned him to the wall above the ground. With Judas held against the wall with an invisible force, she prepared to strike in her moment of madness.

Just then, the beeping from the medical computer stopped, and Ceid's breathing became audible again. As Naoko turned her head to the med bay's center bunk. The moment of madness dissipated, and she tried to make sense of what just happened. She then felt the cold, smooth barrel of Judas' blaster on the skin of her stomach, under the edge of her bare middrift robe top. She looked down to her stomach, and saw the blaster. It's been there from the moment she attacked him, but she never felt it. And Judas never fired, and would only do so as a last resort if Naoko followed through with her attack. His self restraint was masterful.
She looked into his eyes with confusion, only to see them almost water, with a look of deep sadness on his face and a hint of anger. The sight of her yellowish eyes as she attacked him broke his heart. He believed one friend to be dead, and he saw another become the very psychotic, unreasonable savage they were struggling against.

Ceid was now fine, but what Naoko did just made him angry. With his blaster still at her stomach as she returned to normal, the only words that came out of his mouth where an angry "Get OFF my ship!"

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Re: What Made the Man - Ceid Ankoun
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Chapter 6: Recovery
[5ATC, Jumus, The Corellian Sector]

A single dark moment ruined everything. A friendship almost destroyed, Naoko and the injured and barely conscious Ceid left Judas' ship. She gave her final apologies, and wished him the best. Departing their new home was bitter at best, and she felt that she will never be rid of the shame she brought upon herself by attacking her friend.

When they were planet side on Corellia, they urgently headed to Councilor Ila memorial hospital. Strangely enough, when she went to pay for the expenses, she was surprised to find that it has been completely taken care of. At first she thought that Judas might have done it, a final good bye perhaps? But when she asked the staff however, her only answer was, "Ankouns don't pay here."

Ankouns? Ceid's mysterious family? Why do they not pay in this hospital? Where are they? Why have they never attempted to contact him before? All those questions raced in her mind, she knew that some ranking members of the Corellian government were of the Ankoun clan, but that was the extent of her knowledge of them. Not even Ceid knew. He never spoke of his departure from Corellia much, but from what she understood from the rare moments when he did speak, he only remembered his mother, and a few flashes of his father.

To make things even more strange, when they left the hospital a few days later, she found that a large apartment in the center of Coronet was transferred to Ceid's name, with her name on the deed as a coinhabiter. Again, the only name she was told to explain this from the building's caretaker was "Ankoun".

It was fully furnished and stocked, complete with an armory, and a wide training area. Who are these people?

She was willing to put her question on hold to help Ceid recover. She was sure that she will eventually find out. Despite the possibility that it could be a trap, she decided to take advantage of the flat, they needed a place to stay. Plus they didn't have any money for a new apartment.

Ceid stood shirtless and barefooted before her in the training area almost two weeks after leaving the hospital. He only wore a dark blue baggy cloth shorts, tied to his waist by a cloth belt. The exit wound of the shot he suffered was clearly visible in the center of his muscular chest.

She in turn stood before him, similarly dressed, except with a blue sports chest support. Their lightsabers lay on a table to the side of the wide area.

As they eyed each other's slightest muscle movement, Naoko suddenly sprung at Ceid with a forward straight kick. Ceid thought at first to take and absorb the attack, then having her within his grasp. Especially since the smaller and weaker Naoko was attacking his strongest area, his abdominal core. It would have been a costly mistake had he not realized in the last moment that her kick was to his solar plexus, the soft area just below the center of his ribcage.

Ceid quickly slapped the kick to the side with an open palm as he sidestepped her forward momentum to the right. Naoko used the side bound momentum Ceid caused on her leg to jump and continue the turn in mid air and apply a spinning sidekick to his face, dropping him to the ground with a slight spin.

She smiled as he got to his knees while massaging his jaw area. He returned the smile, but with a look of determination. Naoko Sellis was an incredible and intelligent hand to hand fighter. A master at most forms of melee combat; she had an ability to instantly react to the slightest changes in combat condition with great accuracy. Fighting her was a nightmare and she rarely lost a dual.

They clashed again, the dual was a serious one, and a flurry of strikes, kicks, blocks and dodges were expertly exchanged. The battle reached its climax when Ceid knew he wasn't going to last long against Naoko and decided to change to a submission style which gave him an advantage. He might not have been her better when it came to hand to hand combat, but Ceid was an excellent combatant. Furthermore, he was the opposite to Naoko. Where she was a close range melee fighter, he was a long range combat expert, and an intelligent combat tactician that rivaled Naoko, but his advantage over her was his potent skill in the telekinetic and mental aspects of the force.

She faked left and attacked right, but Ceid didn't fall for it, it was obvious for him which way she was attacking, from the way she shifted her weight. Ceid ducked the kick and swiped her supporting leg. On her way down, she slapped the matted floor to break her fall, then Ceid, already on the floor, grabbed her arm and clamped it between his legs and pushed it down towards his body while keeping Naoko pinned down to the floor with his feet. A perfect arm bar submission maneuver, her only way out of the agonizing lock was three light taps on his leg, signifying surrender.

He let go and stood, then helped her up to her feet.

"A low blow! You broke the rules of the dual." She said and walked away towards showers while rubbing her shoulder.

Ceid smiled and opened his arms wide apart in an innocent pose. "Hey, if you can't win, change the rules."

"That's called cheating!" She said and then looked over her shoulder. "But I see you've fully recovered. If that's true..." She reached and slowly took off her chest support with her back still to him. Ceid simply smiled as he took in the beauty of her toned body. She continued towards the showers and pulled one end of the not of her belt and it, along with the training leggings, came to the floor, showing a stunning vision of her feminine form. She looked over her shoulder once again. "... Coming?" She said in a low voice, a beautiful smile and a look in her eyes that spoke of desire. Ceid's expression was almost like a predator. He followed.

The next morning, they woke up next to each other and simply enjoyed each other's company until a worded message came over the holo and Ceid read it.

"What is it?" Asked Naoko.

"Colik. Our contact that lead us to the lord Fathom's operation. He sent us a massage." Ceid started.

"Corvis?" She asked as she turned her head to face him.

"He's saying that he has new Intel. Strange, the rendezvous coordinates he sent lead to the planet Jumus." Ceid answered curiously. "He's probably in trouble and may need our help." He said as he got off the large bed.

She stretched under the covers that hid her body, yawned then sighed."Ahh! I was looking forward to a restful day with you." She said and purposely flashed a childish pout which made Ceid smile.

"Stop trying to be cute, you're still coming 'cause WE got work to do." He said with a smug smile and she groaned and threw the pillow at him.


He laughed then spoke. "We need transport. I'll call Judas." He said as a matter of habit, but then remembered and looked behind him to Naoko. He saw a sad, ashamed look on her face. "I'm sorry... I'll look for another way." Ceid said with understanding eyes.

"It's okay love, I'll go set up our gear." She said then got dressed.

They soon booked shuttle passage to Jumus and within a day they were there. Naoko wore her standard Aspiring Knight armor set, while Ceid wore a thick blue vest jacket over blue formfitting body armor, with black combat leggings and boots.

They made their way into the thick brushes and walked for hours. They would occasionally stop and rest, or check their holo map. But what was strange, Corvis Colik never answered any of their hails. As they were walking, they both felt something in the force... a sudden movement in the brushes... then a sniper bolt. Ceid reacted instantly, igniting his silver lightsaber and redirecting the bolt at the source from the south to their left. Naoko rushed towards the brushes from where the bolt came with great speed, but whoever shot at them retreated with urgency.

"Wait!" Ceid yelled, but it was futile. Naoko with the aid of the force was like a flash, but strangely enough, their attacker was just as fast. He weaved in between the large trees, leading Naoko further into the forest as Ceid followed. "I have a bad feeling about this." He said under his breath.

The attacker dressed in Sith warrior attire came to a large clearing that looked like his camp, and Naoko was right on his tail, though she came to a full stop when she saw this. Soon Ceid came out and stood next to her while supporting his weight on his knees as he struggled for breath.
"Are you crazy?!" Ceid said angrily, clearly annoyed at her impulsiveness. She just pointed to the center of the camp with a look of confusion, and Ceid followed her gaze, only to see Corvis in the center looking horrified, crying from fear. "What in the..." Ceid said before the sudden widening of Corvis Colik's eyes with horror and shock as a red saber blade stuck him from the back, and then his lifeless body fell to the ground limp. Naoko ignited both her orange lightsabers and took a defensive form as a reaction, feeling great sadness at the loss of Corvis. Ceid simply closed his fists in anger as about fifteen Sith warriors came out of the tents spread around their camp. A sudden deafening snap-hiss of about twenty lightsabers simultaneously activating echoed in the horizon. Then the Sith standing behind Corvis stood tall and Ceid recognized him instantly... Lord Fathom. "Old debts repaid." The Sith lord spoke then simply fell into a meditative position a few meters behind his men and looked on ominously as the Jedi couple froze in disbelief.

Ceid's anger and concern deepened as Naoko said, "We... are in so much trouble."

"So are they!" Ceid replied darkly as he gripped his saber's hilt.
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Re: What Made the Man - Ceid Ankoun
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Chapter 7: Defeat
[5ATC, Jumus, The Corellian Sector]

Despite his big words, he knew if they fight here, they will die. He knew if they fight fair they will die. "If you can't win, change the rules." He said as he slashed a big X shape in the ground then used the force to pull the dust and dirt from the ground then launch it towards the Sith mob.

Naoko was right of course. The odds were against them and they were in trouble. But what simply left Ceid and Naoko bewildered with confusion, is the fact that Fathom was alive. How did he survive their last meeting? They brought his separatist operation down and blew up his station but at great personal costs. Ceid almost died making sure Fathoms operation never saw light. They thought they killed him, and now he is here? Has he been looking for them this whole time?

The questions had to wait as the fifteen Sith covered their faces from the dust, and those who wore masks tried to gain better view point. The duo spun on their heels and ran, and the Sith made chase. "Now what?" Ceid asked as they crisscrossed and weaved in between the large trees and bushes.

"We can't fight them all!" Naoko responded as she ignited her saber and deflected another lightsaber that one of the Sith threw at them.

"Then we thin their numbers first!" This was Ceid's response before he jumped forward and spun 360 degrees clockwise and in mid turn, and with a strained shout, flung a large bolder at mob making chase. He noticed with the corner of his eye before he landed and continued running that his attack caught one Sith in the chest and dropped him senseless. "One down." He said with worry as his eyes rapidly moved side to side, trying to keep track of all the obstacles in front of them.

"Many to go." Naoko responded as she matched his demeanor. "Follow me." She shouted as she took a gradual right turn towards the east, Ceid followed.

Not far east, the terrain became more rocky as the forest made way to a mountain side. It was filled with pits, falls and a high waterfall feeding the river flowing to the west. One of their attackers extended an arm and unleashed a stream of lightening at them. They moved to either side to avoid the attack and the electric current hit a large tree in front of them. The place of impact exploded under the pressure and temperature of the attack and sent pieces of wooden debris and splinters in all directions. A piece of the trunk struck Naoko just after she lifted her arms to protect her face. The piece of the tree bruised her arm and forearms and some splinters superficially punctured her arms and abdomen, making thin lines of blood poor out slowly. She winced at the pain but she didn't allow herself to slow down, if she did, the Sith would surely kill her.

Ceid tried to keep his focus for a similar reason when he noticed the ground stopped up ahead in a fifteen meter wide, deep natural trench. On the other side, a small ledge preceded the ever standing wall of the mountain side. Thinking quickly, he guided the falling tree's massive trunk with the aid of the Force to cover the wide opening and effectively bridging the gap.

Ceid and Naoko ran across and Naoko spun around only to see most of their attacker reach more than halfway across the bridge. She ignited her orange lightsabers again and with all the strength she could muster, struck the tree trunk in a perceived weak point, cutting it, and forcing the whole makeshift bridge down.

As the attackers jump trying to reach the other side, the Jedi couple continued their escape. While many of the Sith reached safety and continued the chase, three of the dark warriors never reached the ledge. They fell into the trench, bouncing off the rock walls and falling to their deaths. With them gone, eleven remained.

"Are you okay?" Ceid asked as he panted and sweat beaded on his forehead.

"I'll live..." she said, pain showing in her features, and showing the same signs of fatigue as Ceid showed, "We were out classed in strategy. We were so stupid to come here alone. Why is Fathom still alive? How?" She questioned in a low voice almost as a complaint and not a question.

"Go south towards the waterfall, I have a plan." Ceid said as she complied and ran south, still moving along the wall of the mountain.

As the echoing roar of the waterfall became increasingly loader, the chase became more intense and the escape attempt more desperate, Naoko and Ceid reached the water fall with strange feelings and low morale, quite opposite from how they started. Their attackers on the other hand, and despite the thinning of their numbers, they radiated confidence and strength of will. It was seemingly unnatural. The couple jumped the gap of the waterfall. The ever existent mist of water particles in the air near the wall of water wetted their faces, and then Ceid spun on his heal the moment he landed and made circular hand gestures with his palms and pulled with a lot of effort to the left as if he was pulling on a large rope. The silver wall of water erupted from its path like an exploding volcano to envelope the Sith that were making the jump. Four of them were swept away into the bottom of the waterfall and on the jagged rocks right underneath or onto the rocky banks.

The glorious display of pure Force power remained for a few seconds, basking in the roar of the water. When Ceid released the water, to his shock, he found the remaining seven Sith completely unharmed. What was more shocking, they were more determined and confidant than ever. While the duo's moral was figuratively washed away with the water to the rocky bottom.

The Sith on point, a marauder dawning a white mask, jumped and swung at Ceid with both lightsabers. Ceid barely managed to raise his silver blade in time to deflect the attack, but before the white mask swung again, Ceid released a wave of Force energy from all around him, pushing their opponents back, then he and Naoko jumped from rock to rock downhill to the river bank and escaped west parallel to the river.

Breathing heavily, Naoko frantically spoke. "What's this feeling? What's happening?"

Ceid tried to answer, while feeling just as unsure of himself as she was. "I don't know. Half their original number is gone yet they seem more confidant, their stride is more organized."

"While we..." Naoko began and then they looked at each other as they realized what's happening, and why Fathom didn't join the chase.

"Battle Meditation!" They said simultaneously as the truth of the matter became apparent.

After a few minutes of running at high speeds, they found themselves a mile south of the camp site where Fathom remained behind. They had run a wide semicircle around the camp in their escape attempt, but escape was less likely with Fathom in his Battle Meditation trance. The Jedi knew that they had to interrupt him somehow. But that was difficult; the camp was on higher grounds, across a river and over a rocky hill. Reaching it with seven enraged Sith on their tail seemed unlikely to succeed.

Naoko looked at Ceid as if asking what she should do. Ceid simply told her to throw one of her blades towards the camp, and he would do the rest. She complied and threw her blade when they both sensed a movement in the corners of their eyes. As they stopped and turned to face the threat, they saw the white mask almost flying towards them, his arms extended to either side and blades ignited, threatening to decapitate the both of them simultaneously. Time seemed to slow down as the blades drew ever nearer to their marks. The only thing the shocked couple could do was bend backwards, in the same direction of the blades and start a back flip.

Their perceptions of time returned to normal as the white mask came over and between them and land behind them. Regaining his footing, Ceid tossed his lightsaber to Naoko and raised both hands towards the lightsaber that Naoko threw. He had to concentrate. It wasn't easy to guide a lightsaber like a missile through numerous obstructions like the trees and rocks towards a target that sat a mile away. But he had no choice.

Naoko grabbed Ceid's light saber out of the air and swung both of them at the Marauder with a strike enhanced with Force energy. He blocked but the strike sent him off his feet and to the ground. There she was, standing with a Sith in front of her, Ceid behind her and six Sith closing behind him. The look on her face spoke of pure calculation as the hand to hand expert considered her options. She then brought her left foot forward then out in a semicircle to the back, shifted her weight to her new footing and spun while swinging her blades. Her maneuver brought her to the side of Ceid and facing the new threat. Her swing hit thin air parallel to the Sith as a speeder hits a durasteel wall. A large Force enhanced shockwave emanated from her blades, pushing all of the Sith back to the ground, protecting Ceid as he finished his attack.

The Sith got back to their feet and slowly surrounded them, with Ceid still indisposed. They knew that the woman was no easy target with those blades. Ceid was aware of everything, but he had no choice but to leave things in Naoko's capable hands, but he had to hurry. As the missile like saber reached the camp, it sped towards its mark. Fathom suddenly got to his feet and swung at the blade and deflected it. Ceid smiled slightly, the maneuver was never meant to kill, only to distract and break the Battle Meditation trance. The effects were almost instantaneous as the Sith began to show signs of anxiety and fear of the saber expert. Fathom looked into the distance at the source of the flying saber, he knew it was pointless to restart the trance, it required time, and his best bet was to join the attack. The flying blade made its way back to the duo, and Fathom followed.

The seven Sith, despite their doubts, they attacked Naoko as she dropped into a Jarkai dual blade style, but her defense was far from usual. It was something her master taught her a long time ago, the Second Shield style. She spun and twirled her blades around her entire body, making the silver and orange blades she wielded appear almost like a bubble. In case of attack, one saber would act like a shield and she would lash out with a wide whip like strike at the source. What made it effective against multiple opponents was the role of shield and whip were interchangeable. She couldn't kill any of the Sith with this style of course, because she couldn't strike at one Sith long enough before she had to switch to block a different target. At the same time, it was very difficult for anyone to touch her in this style. It was a purely defensive style, but it was magnificent and impressive in its speed and coordination.

But no defense could be held forever as the white mask found an opening and slashed her thy. She winced but held her ground.

He was mesmerized by her, and her skill. He would have her for himself. He was stronger than any Sith there, save Fathom. He could have his way, that is, if they could capture them alive.

The orange flying blade came back to Ceid's hand as he raised it in defense against a furious lord Fathom who suddenly appeared behind it. But Fathom bypassed the defense and slashed Ceid's shoulder deeply, then stabbed him in the other shoulder. Ceid screamed in pain as he lashed back with a desperate strike to Fathom's face tearing off his mask and taking out an eye. He seethed in anger and pain, and then the two came to a standoff. Ceid noticed Naoko strike down a Sith and mortally injure another, but get slashed and stabbed multiple times before staggering backwards.

The smell of burnt flesh and blood filled the air, and then the crimson theme was made more majestic as the sun began to set, washing the horizon with a cloth of red, orange and black.

Things were going very wrong, as the two injured Jedi stood, limp but back to back. The Battle Meditation trance was broken but they were out manned, and with the combined strength of lord Fathom and the white mask, along with the Jedi's injuries, they were out gunned. They were about to die as the Sith lifted their blades simultaneously, preparing to strike. Just then the ground erupted in a cloud of fire and dust all around them killing two Sith immediately and throwing everyone else to the ground.

Everyone froze in shock, trying to understand what happened when the magnificent site of the Silver Queen roared and flew over the battle field. Over the com, the Jedi heard a celebrating scream, and then Judas' voice came on the com like a soothing medicine over a sore wound. "Hey kid, clean up the mess and let's go home!"

Ceid stood to his feet and yelled to the sky. "ABOUT TIME YOU GOT HERE YOU BASTARD!!!" Ceid's voice filled with frustration and a little bit of fear, but he couldn't help but smile. Naoko looked confused as Ceid continued. "I am sorry love, I informed him of this mission, Corvis was his friend too."

"You will join him soon!" A whisper said as Fathom slashed Ceid across his back, he came to his knees and Fathom circled around Ceid and pulled his saber backwards, preparing to stab him in the chest. Ceid could hear Naoko screaming to his side, but things looked hopeless, he was about to die... again. He closed his eyes, accepting his fate, and ready to surrender to the Force. He heard the strike of a blade, and smelled the burnt flesh... but felt no pain.

He looked down to his chest and found nothing, he looked in front of him, to see his lover, the woman that was to become his wife someday, on her knees, facing him, with a smile on her lips, blood on her face, and the tip of a red lightsaber protruding from her chest.

The image before him didn't quite register with Ceid; he had a glazed look in his eyes, ignoring the proximity of the red blade to his own chest and the man behind his Naoko. All he saw was her, with a look of horror framing his features.

"Please live Pride... You are all that matters." He heard his lover say, and then he saw the light in her eyes go out. He started to pant loudly, the pants got louder and louder, breaking into repeating short screams as he struggled to breath, his heart sinking to his stomach over and over, struggling to understand what just happened as he felt his sanity slipping. The three surviving Sith, including the white mask, rose to their feet when Fathom deactivated his lightsaber, then Naoko's body fell to the ground limp. Everything around Ceid turned dark as he blacked out.

A few minutes later Judas emerged from the west with his blasters at the ready, preparing to kill anything that moved... but nothing did.  As he got closer to what looked like a massacre, he saw Ceid's body on the ground in a pool of mud and blood, with dead Sith around him. Judas rushed to his friend's side and was relieved to find him still alive. "What happened Damn it!" He said as he tried to wake Ceid up, and he opened his eyes.

Ceid sat up in a flash and he began to pant insanely as he looked around. Judas raised his voice to drown out the panting and asked where Naoko was. Ceid looked around, and saw Fathom's decapitated body before him, but no sign of Naoko, or the remaining three Sith. Images flashed in Ceid's mind of Naoko being stabbed, him cutting Fathom's head off with a random red blade he pulled from the ground, and finally of him falling and watching the remaining Sith drag Naoko's body away. His panting became screams, then hysteric sobbing, and then screams again. As the pained screams echoed in the distance, Judas's eyes watered as he understood Naoko's fate. And tears fell down his cheeks at the heart braking, pathetic sight of his insane old friend...

The Jumus incident would leave a scare in Ceid's and Judas' consciousness forever...
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