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Author Topic: Open vs Closed RP - When can I join? (READ BEFORE POSTING)  (Read 4262 times)

Quyn Vigil

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Open vs Closed RP - When can I join? (READ BEFORE POSTING)
« on: June 23, 2011, 05:12:48 PM EDT »

Sometimes, we would have issues with some folks not knowing the difference, and jumping into forum RP that was not open to the public.  This thread's purpose is to lay out the differences between the two for those members who are not entirely used to Forum RP setting and etiquette.

Generally when someone starts an RP thread, they will put key factors into the subject line.  Either the location the RP is set in, time period, etc.  Sometimes they will give a name to the story line that they are starting.  Most always at the end you will see either (Open RP) or (Closed RP) at the end.

Open RP

Open RP is just that.  Someone is throwing up a public setting.  Some place that anyone could feasibly show up.  A cantina for example.  A busy street in Coronet.  The battle field of one of the epic wars.  In this there is no set direction and the RP could go anywhere people wish to direct it and anyone who wishes to join in may do so.

Closed RP

Closed RP is more restrictive.  Closed RP generally has a base plot line already mapped out by a select few players or members of a small group who have been invited to interact within the setting.  There are a few within the guild that have joined up with other players wanting to write joint background stories.  They have planned out the details and are wanting to RP it out per say through use of the closed forum RP.

Only the players within this group that have been invited to participate may post in a closed RP thread.  If someone that has not been invited wishes to join in on the story line, the proper action to take would be to send a PM to the original poster and ask if it would be alright for you to jump in on the action.  It is ultimately that person's decision and their word is final.

If you do not wish to join in, but simply wish to comment on what is going on, one of two actions would be acceptable.  Sending a PM to whoever is in the thread...or check the OCC boards to see if anyone has started a discussion thread about the RP.  It would generally be listed with the subject line of the thread in the topic (example of one that exists on our board: Comment Thread for "The Darkness in the Shadow (Closed RP)" for discussions regarding the RP thread of the same name).  If there is no such discussion thread, you may wish to start one up :).  

If anyone has any questions, please do not hesitate to ask a member of the Lore Keepers (RP Committee).  Remember it's better to ask if you're not sure.

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