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Author Topic: Guild Member Alert: Season One PVP Rewards - Punitive Watch Post  (Read 689 times)

Jevarrik Ta'Karn

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Guild Member Alert: Season One PVP Rewards - Punitive Watch Post
« on: March 25, 2014, 05:07:00 PM EDT »


A post in the dev tracker with a PVP Q&A makes it sound as though match fixing will be dealt with at the end of the season and not sooner.  If punitive action is taken against your account, please contact me first, either via PM or this post, before responding to the accusation. 

Please do not post here with conjecture and please do not post here with anything you would like to add to the official position.  If you have something to add in either sense, please PM me, and I will be happy to discuss the topic with you (and/or bring it up in TS3).  This is an annoucnement reserved for posts from guild members against whom BioWare acts.

Q:  What about players who “sync queue” to specifically play each other, AKA match fixing?

A:  This is an issue which is again due to the amount of players in the queue. If a group of 8 players wanted to fix the queue to play against each other, they may be able to do so at some weird “off time” for their server. However, we have systems in place to detect these types of actions and when Season One ends, those players will find themselves without any rewards at all.

TCL Official Ranked PvP Position:

The Corellian League wished to participate in Ranked PvP upon the announcement of the rewards for said PvP.  Unfortunately, owing to extremely infrequent queues and highly excessive queue times, TCL has had to turn Ranked PvP into a guild event just to even participate.  As such guild members have had no option other than to fight other guild members.

However, in all of the matches, all players have made best efforts to win the match for their team, and everybody has had their share of wins and losses.  At times, team adjustments have been necessary for the purposes of more intense competition, but at no times has TCL directly "fixed" a match.

Additionally, in the rare instances when other guilds were actually online fighting, usually each other the same way TCL has to do so, TCL did not shy away from the fights where our teams were queued against their teams.  Win or lose we play the game, as it's designed making do with the resources available to us.


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