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Author Topic: The Corellian League Galactic Hero Commendation  (Read 774 times)

Kell Malo

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The Corellian League Galactic Hero Commendation
« on: July 10, 2013, 02:41:55 PM EDT »

Many missions, battles, great planning and execution have gone into obtaining this monumental achievement. Blood has been spilled on and off the battlefield - with friend and foe.  It is with great pride that I present these commendations to The Corellian League's Galactic Heroes!

There are only two in our illustrious guild that have achieved this milestone so far:

Daharel Anashti
Aragar Varnus

Please accept this token of The Corellian League's appreciation for your dedication and hard work.

Have you achieved Galactic Hero status? Do you want to add a medal to you collection?  Only available through The Commendations Committee at The Corellian League!

Pins will be placed in your Signature area and/or your Profile.

Application form (copy/paste format):

Your Name:

*Attach a screenshot of your Title displayed under your name or a screenshot of your codex entry.

You can then post and ATTACH your photo to your post by clicking the ADDTIONAL OPTIONS tab > ATTACH, before posting.

If you have any questions please PM me.

*Note: The ONLY way to get your commendations is to show a screenshot of your Codex.  It's not that the Commendation Committee doesn't believe you, but we need hard evidence, and a codex entry is pretty hard for us to deny. Sorry, but that's the way the republic cookie crumbles sometimes.
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