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Author Topic: Aiding the enemy. A family devided - Discussion  (Read 845 times)

Padawan Kymber

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Aiding the enemy. A family devided - Discussion
« on: June 12, 2013, 11:41:55 AM EDT »

I've finally got the post up for Kymber's small intro, and it's open so join one join all kinda thing. What I thought we could do with this, is have this as an ingame role-play, probably an operation that continues for a few weeks given our massive timezones differences we have, we'd be struggling to fit everything in in one night. But the gist of it, I was thinking the cable could be involved, they would be the ones that have captured Kymber, whatever reason their leaders chose, the league would then rescue her thus giving her an in into the league.

In the pm I sent to Cymstar I had said Tatooine just because, a battle on that world is so iconic, but I changed it to Hoth, because that world is also iconic, and I see it being used far less. But really it could be done anywhere, even like Ord Mantell for an awesome war scene or even Taris has lots of potential for the cable to have an outpost.

Sorry if this was short it's was 11 past 1AM when I wrote this.

Aiding the enemy. A family devided
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