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Author Topic: Rivalries  (Read 1371 times)


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« on: March 18, 2013, 06:50:48 PM EDT »

Volume 1

Chapter 1: The Family

Airgain rolled to the side as a grenade went off where he had just been. He checked to make sure Errikk had avoided the blast as well. He saw his cousin’s scuffed and dinged armored body lying motionless. He moved. Airgain ran over to help him up. He deflected a blaster bolt. He reached Errikk and helped him up.
“How bad?” asked Airgain.
“I’ll live,” Errikk grunted as they were slowly surrounded by more advancing Republic troops.
He tried to stand and fell. Airgain caught him before he hit the ground. He looked at Errikk’s legs.
“Damn shrapnel,” Errikk grunted through several Huttesse words.
Airgain cut the flow of energy to his lighsaber and got under his cousin. Errikk settled most of his weight on Airgain’s shoulder. Airgain used the force to lift Errikk’s blaster cannon and gave it to him. Errikk slung it over his shoulder.
“KEEP IT UP! KEEP THE ADVANCE!” Errikk shouted.
Airgain half dragged, half walked Errikk to the nearest medical unit. Airgain set Errikk down.
A corporal ran over. He looked at Airgain and Errikk, throughout a partial bow and salute and went to work.
“Well Major you got it better than most officers. A Captain came through here earlier missing both arms and a leg. Nothing we could do for the guy except ease his pain. The wounds were cauterized so it looked like a saber cut through him,” said the corporal.
Errikk looked at Airgain.
“The Sith that did it is dead thanks to the Jedi here,” Errikk said motioning to Airgain, “How soon till I can return to the field corporal?”
“That’s good news one less of those around. It’ll take a few days before you can return to the field sir. I can only do so much. You can walk though. If I were one of those Jedi Healers you could return to the battle within the hour.”
Errikk looked at Airgain with a hopeful glee, “You think he’s here?”
“Errikk, number one, you can be off the frontline for a few days. Number two, Jarred is on Ilum coordinating Healers there. He’s been there for a couple of weeks now. I told you this already.”
“Okay Major, that’s all I can do for you. Give it a few minutes before you start walking around. Give it a few days before you return to battle,” the corporal said.
“Thank you corporal,” Errikk said.
The corporal again throughout a partial salute and bow and went on to a man who just came in missing an arm and was bleeding from it a lot.
“We need to contact the Colonel and tell inform him of our progress,” said Airgain.
“You do it. That man finds me as great a person as a hungry rancor.”
Airgain took out his holocom. He understood his cousin’s displeasure of the man. Colonel Zereth had stopped Errikk’s promotion to Colonel three times. All of them stopped because of a minor misdemeanor a month after he was put on active duty.
A moment after he started the call the figure of a short Zabrak with a medium build appeared.
“Master Jedi,” said the figure.
“Colonel Zereth,” Airgain replied, “The major and I have secured two more blocks and have defeated their Sith General but the Empire is relentless. The major received a minor injury and will be commanding the forces from Noble Command Post here.”
“That’s good to hear but you and the Major will not be staying there. The Jedi Council called and has requested your presence and the Majors. You two are to report to Tython,” said the Colonel.
Errikk looked at Airgain with another one of his gleeful looks.
“Thank you Colonel. May I ask who will be leading in this area and who am I to turn the command of the Jedi forces to?”
“Major Dereth will lead the troops there. He’s a miralan with a solid reputation and an impeccable record. You are left to choose who will lead your forces,” he paused, “Okay, I must leave you. Zereth out.”
Airgain turned off the communicator and put it back in his belt.
“I’ll make my way to the spaceport and prep your ship for takeoff,” said Errikk standing.
“Okay, I won’t be long,” Airgain replied.
Errikk left. Airgain grabbed his comlink and entered a link. He spoke into it, “Marrvin, you there.”

Airgain left the command post with Marrvin, a miralin with deep green skin.
“They are in your care now Marrvin. I know things will be alright,” said Airgain.
“Thank you master, I will not disappoint you,” Marrvin bowed deeply to Airgain.
Airgain returned the bow. Airgain felt there bond tingle. The two had developed a force bond during Marrvin’s years as Airgain’s apprentice.
“May the force be with you,” said Airgain.
“And with you, Master,” Marrvin returned.
Airgain threw his pack on his shoulder, turned and boarded the Rocket Tram for the spaceport. The tram door closed behind him. The tram started to move and then took off. Airgain sat down and took out his datapad and set it on his lap. He went through report after report of the past day. After a while he felt the tram slow. Airgain slipped the datapad back into his pack. He shouldered his pack. Then it hit him like a blast from a thermal det. He felt a disturbance in the force and the heavy presence of someone tainted by a dark being. He slowly started to make his way off the tram. Airgain stepped onto the platform. Now every fiber of his being was telling him to run. He started to run. He got to the edge of the platform when the tram blew up. Airgain jumped behind the wall to his left. He came back around the corner to a devastating sight. He felt the presence again. Before Airgain could turn around a blaster was up against his head.
“Don’t move Jedi,” said sly voice, “Slowly turn around and walk out like nothing happened. Try anything and I won’t hesitate to blow your brains out.”
Airgain heard the thick Imperial accent and knew who it was. Airgain quickly assessed the situation. He turn slowly turned around and started walking. He slowly pushed the little red button on his shoulder strap.

Errikk watched as Airgain walked into the spaceport with a private tailing him.
“Okay, give the signal,” he said to the sergeant next to him.
Errikk started walking forward. The sergeant followed him. Errikk saw the rest of the soldiers move toward Airgain. Errikk nodded to Airgain. The nod was returned.

Airgain saw Errikk approaching with two other soldiers. He gave a quick glance to his left and saw two more soldiers approaching. He saw Errikk nod. Without hesitation he returned the nod.
“Halt!” said a soldier right in front of him, “Sorry for the holdup master Jedi but I need a word with the private behind you.”
Airgain stepped aside. He then felt a disturbance in the force. The sergeant next to Errikk drew his blaster rifle. Errikk drew his blaster pistol. Airgain saw some of the soldiers around him do the same.
“Soldier, remove your helmet,” said Errikk.
The “private” remained motionless. He twitched. Airgain sprang at Errikk. A flash grenade went off. Airgain rolled off of Errikk to see his captor stick a vibroknife in one of the soldiers and shoot two more. Airgain used the force to knock him off his feet. Errikk got up as well and ran over to the body of the “soldier”. Airgain went over next to Errikk drawing his lightsaber as he went. When he got next to Errikk, the figure was trying to get up. Errikk put his foot on his chest pinning him to the ground. He leaned down and took off the helmet. Airgain wasn’t surprised at what he saw. It was a Rattataki, but not just any Rattataki.
“So Cipher 12, or do you prefer Obbidiah, did your Dark Lord get sick of your underlings failing and finally send you?” said Errikk through clenched teeth.
“You know I can’t kill the two of you Major. You also know I won’t talk so why don’t just let me go,” replied Obbidiah with a glee.
The sergeant came up with two of the remaining troopers. Errikk kicked Obbidiah in the side and rolled him over. He put stun cuffs on him and zapped him. He then handed him over to the sergeant.
“Be careful with this one sergeant. If he even blinks give it to him,” Errikk commanded.
Airgain deactivated his lightsaber and watched as the sergeant walked away with the Cipher Agent. He knew that he would get away. Somehow.

Aigain and Errikk walked out of the council chambers. They went to the library. Errikk sat down at a table. Airgain grabbed a holo recording and came back. He activated it. He inserted the holo they had been give and activated it as well.
“The ship’s beacon is here,” he said to Errikk, “The last report said they had found something of the Infinite Empire on the ship.”
“Great,” said Errikk, “We both know that the Imperials will be on this as well.”
“True. We will need to get this done fast and we need a ship fast enough to get past any Imperial ships.”
Errikk smiled, “I’ll call him.”
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Re: A Family Versus Their Rivals
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Chapter 2: Lucky
Nar Shadda

“Come on! I did the job! Can’t we do this simply!” yelled Tryvon.

The Hutt laughed, <I don’t let go off money I don’t have to let go of.>

“You just don’t get it,” Tryvon responded.

Two guards charged him, a Wequa and a Nikto. Tryvon drew both of his blasters with lighting fast reflexes for his young age. He shot both guards. They fell to the ground dead. Tryvon pointed one of his blasters at one guard pulling a blaster and the other at the Hutt.

“DO I LOOK LIKE I AM A LASER BRAIN!” he yelled to the Hutt.

The Hutt laughed again, <You are quick. Very well done little Zabrak. Give him his money.”

The guard walked over and handed Tryvon a few credit chips and backed off.

“Next time find a different smuggler if you plan to kill them afterwards. Clearly the third time wasn’t the charm,” said Tryvon.

He turned and left.

Outside the Hutts lair, Tryvon hoped a speeder to the nearest cantina. It had been 12 years to the day he lost his mother to the Imperial scum. He sat alone in a corner with his back to the wall. He ordered a drink. He took off his necklace and turned on the holo-pic. The picture of a beautiful Zabrak woman appeared. Tryvon received his drink and tipped his glass to the holo. He downed his drink.
“Keep ‘em coming,” he told the waitress handing her a credit chip.
She walked away and came back with another drink, then left again. He heard his holocom beeping. He ignored it and again tipped the glass to the holo and drank this one slowly.

“I miss you mom. You and dad,” he said.

His holocom beeped again. He ignored it again. He finished his drink. The waitress showed up again grabbed the glass and gave him another drink. He down this one before she even left. He then turned off the holo and put the necklace back on. His holocom beeped for a third time. He grabbed it and threw it on the table and clicked it on.

“Who are ya and what the-! Oh, you. Whatcha want?”

Errikk’s form filled the holo, “Well aren’t you just a ray of Tatooine sunshine.”


“Got a job for you. That’s if you’re willing.”

“Look, I’m not engaging and boarding another Imperial ship and boarding it to get a couple of artifacts and one man again! My ship was almost scrapped by that thing. So unless you have a simple job for me, go-“ he stopped as Airgain replaced Errrikk in the holo.

“Hello my friend,” said Airgain.

“It’s been a while my friend,” Tryvon responded, “Whatever it is you have my blasters and ship. I do expect payment.”

“Deal,” said Airgain, “Come to Tython, we’ll meet and brief you there. Out.”
Tryvon turned off his holocom. He flagged down the waitress. She came back with his credit chip. He finished the one she had brought when he was talking to Airgain. He left the table and got to the cantina entrance; he noticed an armored figure rise and start to leave. He kept walking. He went to his speeder and watched as the figure walked by him and his speeder. He started his speeder and started for the spaceport. He noticed another speeder following him to the spaceport.

He got to his ship, only to see a problem. There were three figures at his loading ramp. He slowly pulled up to his loading ramp. He dismounted his speeder and was approached by one of the figures. This one was a human in an Imperial officer’s uniform.

“You there,” said the officer, “HALT!!!”

Tryvon looked around, “Who me?!”

“Yes you.”

The armored figure appeared and Tryvon’s blood ran cold.

“This him?” asked the officer.

“Yes, my money,” came a female voice from under the helmet.

“YOU!” said Tryvon.

He looked over the officer’s shoulder and saw a Chiss Imperial Intelligence officer.

“So, you’re trying again, Selena. You and your sister never learn.”

“We have you this time,” said Cros’elen’afon under her helmet.

“Captain Tryvon, you are under arrest for gun running in Imperial Territory, impersonating an Imperial Officer, smuggling ancient artifacts of the Sith Empire, Impersonating a Sith Lord, several accounts of murder of Imperial soldiers, and piracy in Imperial Space,” said the human officer.
Tryvon laughed. He had almost forgotten he had impersonated Lord Zebidee so Airgain and Errikk could free some Jedi captives.

“Will you come quietly?” asked the Human.

Without answering, Tryvon kicked him in the groin. He drew his blasters as quick as lightning and shot the Human officer. He dove behind his speeder and proceeded to roll behind a few crates next his speeder. He wasn’t about to endanger his speeder. It was the most expensive thing he owned next to his ship and blasters.

Tryvon blind fired over the crates in the general direction of where the Intelligence Officer and Selena had been standing. He stopped firing for a second. There was a sound of an engine firing up. Tryvon drew a flash grenade from his belt and lobed it over the crates. There was a sickening scream. He got up and ran for his ship. He glimpsed Selena’s sister, Cros’ierr’afon, holding her face. He saw Selena fly by and tackle Sierra to the ground behind a few crates. He kept running. He heard a sizzling sound and dove behind the loading ramp as a rocket went by him and exploded on the other side of the hangar.

“You had your chance to run you shuttas,” said Tryvon.

He pulled a thermal detonator from his belt. He primed it and threw it. The grenade exploded and Tryvon fired after it. He moved out from behind the loading ramp firing. He heard the engine sound again as Selena came flying up from behind a few crates. Tryvon turned a blaster in her direction and continued to fire. He heard another scream as Selena dropped back behind the crates. Tryvon hopped on his speeder and drove up the ramp. He was in his cargo bay in no time.

Tryvon closed the door and ran for the cockpit passing an astromech droid.

“Six get ready for take off!” he yelled to the droid.

T7-H6 beeped back at him and followed him to the cockpit.

The engines were starting before he sat in the pilot seat. He powered up the deflector shield after feeling a minor explosion from a rocket.

The ship lifted off the ground and started moving out of the hangar. Tryvon took control of the ship. Six beeped at him.

“Good idea,” he said.

He heard the chin turret start firing on the hangar door shield system. He was through before it closed. Tryvon turned his ship, The Outlaw’s Defiance, skyward. In a matter of minutes, he was in the blackness of space.

“Six, enter hyperspace coordinates for Tython.”

The little astromech droid beeped at him.

“You did it already?!”

The droid beeped again.

Tryvon sighed and smiled, “Ready or not, here I come,” he said and jumped to lightspeed.
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