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Author Topic: [TGR] The Grand Races - Week Three: The Black Hole  (Read 1191 times)

Ceid Ankoun

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[TGR] The Grand Races - Week Three: The Black Hole
« on: March 10, 2013, 05:52:37 AM EDT »

**Type: Priority One Transmission**
**Channel: Tango Charlie Lima One Nine Eight Eight**
**To: General League Body**
**Subject: Third Race**

Gentlemen and Ladies of the League, this is Master Ceid Ankoun.

Do not be alarmed at the priority one transmission, the galaxy is not coming to an end... yet.

Thank you for all who joined us on Tatooine a few weeks ago. We all had some much needed time of and a little R&R. And congratulations for the winner, he proved that his piloting skills were of the highest caliber. Even if he received some aid from an unknown force.

The Third race will be in the Black Hole Area on Corellia fourteen days from the date of this message, test yourselves against the despicable Torvix forces.

Please make immediate preparations to rendezvous at the co-ordinates embedded within this transmission at the day and time indicated. More information on sight.

Let the second race BEGIN!


Location Coordinates:
Black Hole (In front of the shuttle), Corellia.
Date and Time: Fourteen Days from receipt of this message at 19:30 GST ((Saturday, 23rd of March at 7:30pm EST))

((Any OOC discussions about The Grand Races should be conducted here. ))
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