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Author Topic: [LSES] The Lost Secret of the Endar Spire (Open RP)  (Read 10380 times)


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Re: [LSES] The Lost Secret of the Endar Spire (Open RP)
« Reply #45 on: August 25, 2013, 02:38:39 PM EDT »

Tintagel stared off into space.  "What you looking at, Angel?", McTavish said as he walked softly up beside his sister and gave her a hug.  "You are looking pretty serious for someone who escaped what could have been a bloodbath and has been given the all clear to disappear until the trail cools.  So why the serious face?  I would think that you would feel relieved?"

"I felt a tremor in the force, Mac.  I have the feeling that it is related to the artifact only because we were the ones near to the place where it last rested.  Somewhere out there", she pointed.

"Wow, that is a line which goes through the core and out to the Unknown Regions.  That's a lot of space, girl."

"I know, Mac.  I don't even have any idea how it relates.  I felt it, it's gone, and I have nothing with which to tie it back, nothing to associate with it."

"Well, look.  We need to bust out of this joint and get back to our ships.  Let's say that you and I stop at the cantina on Avesta Plantation.  I can buy you a tall glass of the Blue Milk stuff you are so fond of."  McTavish and Tintagel both broke out laughing hilariously, distilling the tension.  Tintagel reached over and ruffled Mac's hair.  "Yea, let's do that.  I look forward to messing up your perfect hairdo in a public place."
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