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Author Topic: [RSOM]Revenge of the Sons of Mandalore(Open RP)  (Read 1073 times)

Thycus Wolf

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[RSOM]Revenge of the Sons of Mandalore(Open RP)
« on: February 15, 2013, 01:17:17 AM EST »

(This RP campaign will encompass both "Forum RP" & "In Game RP". Key points in the story will take place in game, for all to enjoy. Remember, what you do will alter the story in some ways. I hope you all enjoy this! At the end, anyone who participated all the way through will receive a ribbon for the forums.)

Discussion Thread

The light of the readout danced softly across CPT. Kessler's face.. Motioning to Grand Moff Bilrik, She says; " Sir, our contractor is signaling us. He's requesting permission to come aboard."  The Grand Moff replies in a stuff imperial tone;" Good, have him land in hangar bay 6. Tell him we'll meet him there with his payment."

Outside the Imperial Battle cruiser, a small patrol craft approaches, it's landing gear descend as it slowly makes its way into the hangar.  The clean and sterile lines of the interior of the Imperial ship stand in sharp contrast to the battle scared and heavily modified patrol ship.

Two Imperial troopers set down a large durasteel crate. CPT. Kessler motions the two troopers away; "Leave us.". Without a word, the two backtrack, turn around and leave the hangar. Turning around to Grand Moff Bilrik, CPT Kessler gives him a small nod  that the area is secure. As she does, out of the shadows a Sith Lord appears. " I hope this was worth it Bilrik. The Emperor is personally watching this." Bilrik replies; "It is my Lord. The weapon we're receiving is unlike anything we've ever seen. A bio weapon that attacks the very genetic code of it's victim." Sneering at Bilrik, the Sith lord says; "You're promising a lot, Moff. I hope you can deliver." As the Moff is about to reply, suddenly the ramp extends from the patrol craft.. Mercenaries descend off the ramp. Four of them carrying a large cylinder, with a computer readout on the side.

At the center, a strong and heavily armored mercenary stands. Grand Moff Bilrik looks at him; " I have your payment, I trust th..." He's interrupted by a blaster bolt that sears right through the head of the Sith lord. The Sith lord drops to his knees, then falls over.. "Aireya.." The Mercenary motions to CPT. Kessler. As he does, she removes her blaster and strikes Grand Moff Bilrik with the butt of her blaster. Folding up on the deck plating, wincing in pain he says; " How dare you, the Empi..." The Mercenary grabs Bilrik's fat cheeks; "The Empire what? You think your mighty Empire stammers me? Looking up at the Mercenary, Bilrik says; "Wha...wha..what do you want? We've paid you!" The Mercenary replies; " What do I want?" Leaning in, he says almost nose to nose with Bilrik; "A reckoning.."

Nodding to Aireya, as she strips off her imperial uniform, he says; "Take his code cylinders, and execute the next step of our plan.." Then looking down at his wrist he pushes a few buttons and more ships appear from hyperspace, moving in on the Imperial Cruiser, and begin to unload masses of warriors in Mandolorian beskar armor.

Yelling at the top of his lungs, the mercenary shouts at the warriors; "Take the ship! We are Mandolorian! We will bring the Galaxy to it's knees and restore our glory and honor! Leave nothing in your wake!" Turning to Aireya he says; "Find doctor Virago, and bring him to our secure station..". Aireya nods and runs out of the hanger with a group of warriors. Turning to another Mandolorain warrior. The Mercenary says; "Ravvir, send engineers to the hyperdrive core, and set the charges. It'll give you about 10 minuets to send out a distress signal, when the rest of the Imperial fleet appears from hyperspace, the ship will blow and destroy them." Ravvir replies; " Yes Gaerus, but what of the Imperial troops aboard?" Gaerus looks at Ravvir in a cold gaze. " Bind them one arm to the other... then when you leave, flush them into space." Ravvir immediately replies; " I don't think we have enough binders for the." Gaerus looks down at the corpse of the sith lord, and picks up his light saber, tossing it to Ravvir. " Then cut off their hands." Walking back to the small patrol craft, Gaerus says; "Signal me of our success. I'm taking the weapon with me, Be sure Aireya gets the doctor and his research, I'll meet you all back at our stronghold."

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