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Read The Jedi Gambit! by Greg "Rackham" Moran aka Kylun

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Author Topic: [TGR] The Grand Races - Week One: The Buzz - Part 1  (Read 1490 times)

Ceid Ankoun

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[TGR] The Grand Races - Week One: The Buzz - Part 1
« on: November 12, 2012, 04:25:39 PM EST »

A hooded man left Ceid's office in the Headquarters of the League in one of the old secret Solonian tunnels on Corellia. The news Ceid just received was very interesting. "Races is it?" Ceid whispered to himself. His informant in the Hutt Cartels informed him that the Cartels just received a major contract from the Empire. They were to send their best pilot to a certain set of coordinates in Imperial space, pick up a large shipment of weapons, and smuggle them to Coruscant. Ceid could only suspect the Justicars; their operation has become more difficult to  contain as of recently. The bigger picture started to come together in Ceid's head.

The Empire isn't stupid. They didn't simply want any smuggler to take over the operation. They couldn't trust anyone. Most smugglers would turn in the shipment to the Republic in exchange for the reward credits, plus future contracts. The ones who didn't care couldn't be distinguished from the ones who do, and thus, this option was no longer available to them.

They couldn't send one of their own people. Boarders are watched with tenacity lately and they couldn't risk compromising the cover of one of their agents already in Republic space. The only option was the Cartels.

With the Cartel-Three families war raging, and the Republic backing the Families, it was only natural for the Carts to hold on tight to their relations with the Empire, which rules out the possibility of betrayal. Also, the level of experience the Cartels have with these kinds of operations would make them a valuable contractor.

The problem with new intel was, the Cartels only receive the coordinates of the shipment on the day of the delivery. So the Cartels would pick a pilot, this pilots would then go to Nar Shaddaa and would be taken to the imperial Cargo ship. Making it impossible for anyone, such as the league to intercept and takeover the Ship. "Interesting." Ceid spoke to himself as he put his hands behind his head and his feet on the table.

The second part of the Intel was what gave Ceid an idea around this however. One could say whatever he wanted about the Hutts, but they do have a talent for milking anything for more money. What he had learned was that the Cartels have organized a series of racing events. Every bounty hunter and smuggler in Hutt space was eligible to join for the chance to win fame and fortune. They planned on selling tickets for these rallies at 400 Credits per ticket. Not to mention all the food, merchandise and commercial time during the live airing of the events on the holonet. With the many speeder racing fans out there, this would make them Billions.

Secretly however, the Cartels planned on drafting the winner, who would be the best pilot in Hutt space to make the delivery for them. "Cleaver." Said Ceid as he smiled.

With no intel on the location of the ship, no idea who would the pilot be, and a muck of Intelligence and Counter Intelligence out there, SIS would be taken completely off guard. So the only way to stop this plot was to have one of your own men be the pilot. That would mean the League would have to send their best pilot to the grand contest and do everything they can for their man to win...

"This is going to be Fun!" Ceid said as he got up, put on his mask and left the office to the holo terminal just out side.

First things first, they needed the best. But the league had many people working for it and many great pilots of all walks of life; Jedi, Troopers, Smugglers. The plan was simple enough, the League would have its own series of races to crown its best, and then go from there.

**Type: Priority One Transmission**
**Channel: Tango Charlie Lima One Nine Eight Eight**
**To: General League Body**

Gentlemen and Ladies of the League, this is Master Ceid Ankoun.

Do not be alarmed at the priority one transmission, the galaxy is not coming to an end... yet. I simply wish to inform you of an up coming event that will be held eleven days from this message. We are having a series of racing contests first of which will be on said day. I assure you, we are not wasting your time, there is a purpose to these events, of which you will be made aware of at a later date. All are welcome to join, test their skills and aid the League at the same time.

The first race will be on Coruscant, the second on Nar Shaddaa and the third on Belsavis.

Please make immediate preparations to rendezvous at the co-ordinates embedded within this transmission at the day and time indicated. More information on sight.

We have much work to do!


Location Coordinates:
Coruscant Space Port (Front entrance), Coruscant.
Date and Time: Eleven Days from receipt of this message at 19:00 GST ((Friday, 11/23 at 7pm EST))

((Any OOC discussions about The Grand Races should be conducted here. ))


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Re: [TGR] The Grand Races - Week One: The Buzz - Part 1
« Reply #1 on: November 15, 2012, 09:28:17 AM EST »

A loud beep roused Caldon from his slumber. A second beep made him completely awake. After stepping out of his bed, Caldon lumbered over to the communications console in his quarters.

"Priority one message? Ah hell." Caldon grumbled as he opened the message. He quickly scanned through the message, his eyebrows steadily rising all the while. 'Racing, to put a dent in the Empire? Hmm. Not what I expected, but it's better than how I usually work' Caldon mused. 'Besides, fuel is cheaper than ammo anyway.' He pressed the reply button, and wrote :

**Type: Priority One Transmission**
**Channel: Tango Charlie Lima One Nine Eight Eight**
**To: Master Ceid Ankoun**

Master Ceid,

This is major Caldon Mahron. I'm in.


**End of message**

No need to make poetry, is there?

After getting dressed, he munched down some breakfast. "You're in a hurry. Is something wrong sir?" said a curious Ahnexis.
After shoo-ing her away, and telling her to set a course for Coruscant, Caldon locked himself away in the ship's cargo bay. He looked at his speeder's twin rocket engines, and grinned. Sure, the League wouldn't approve of his idea, but he was willing to bet he was going to be facing off against a whole mess of criminals and, more importantly, cheaters.

Caldon smiled and said : "Takes one to know one I guess."

((The following bit is in response to the "90% speeders only" part))

A loud explosion shook the ship.

"Caldon?! Caldon open that door!"Ahnexis yelled, banging on the cargo bay door.

One of the speeders' engines had exploded while Caldon tried to install the launch system for his patented "Rocket engines of impending doooom". Caldon wiped the dirt off his faceplate and sighed. 'Dang, that would've been my ticket to the finish line!' he thought. A lightsaber was stuck through the door.

"Oh sh--- Ahnexis! Stop cutting my ship apart! I'm fine, it was... Eh... An unexploded grenade stuck to my armor!"

The lightsaber didn't stop. "Curse that woman..." Caldon growled.

He pushed a button and the doors slid apart, molten bits of metal dripping onto the floor.  "What was that? And don't tell me that's a grenade, I know what that sounds like! Are we under--- Wait. Is that your speeder?" Ahnexis asked. Caldon sighed.

"Yes. The League requires me to race for them. Our goal is to stop weapon shipments from the Empire to the Hutt Cartels. I was trying to make some... Unlawful modifications to help me win." He explained.

Ahnexis shrugged, and walked away, muttering something about "Caldon and his blasted league..."

When Caldon thought the coast was clear, he looked at the mess he made. The Custom-built speeder bike was in pieces. "That's not going anywhere soon." he sighed. He opened a large crate, and pulled out the old hover bike he built. It was nowhere near as fast as his bike. There were large spots of rust and dirt on it, one of the control handles was bent, and when he fired the engine, he was hit in the face by a ball of dust and parts.

"There's no way I'm going to win anything with this...." He groaned.

He looked at his speeder bike. The other engine looked intact, the control panel was only mildly damaged, and the plating on the front was good enough to use in the making of a new control handle.  Caldon grinned.

"Who knows. This might just work."
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Re: [TGR] The Grand Races - Week One: The Buzz - Part 1
« Reply #2 on: November 15, 2012, 11:25:45 AM EST »

Naenlor was calm and smiling with blasters going off around his head. Easily deflecting the blaster bolts while in Soresu form, he just slowly walked toward the blaster fire. Once he got close he shifted his feet, moving into the Shien form, and using the force to push him up and onto his first victim. It was over also as soon as it started. The squad of imperial troopers were lieing motionless as Naenlor turned off his lightsaber, and placed it back on his belt.

Then his holocommunicator started going off. He rolls his eyes as he pulls it out and answers the call. "This better be important." "Sir, You just received a priority one message from Master Cied Ankoun." says a strong, yet caring female voice over the holo. "Well, don't keep me in suspense Arathyra. What is it?" She replys "Yes master." as she plays the message through the holocommunicator for Naenlor.

"A race? I don't understand how that is important." Naenlor says as he rubs his chin, trying to figure out why Cied would want to setup a racing event, during a war. "Master, Cied has never lead you wrong before, and he does state that the purpose of this will be revealed at a later date." "You are correct there. But we do have eleven days to get there. I am going to finish taking out this outpost, and then we will head there. Oh, and get the droid to do a tune up on my speeder." Naenlor says with a grin on his face. His speeder was a custom Aratech speeder with plenty of upgrades he bought so that he could easy catch any sith or imperial. "They won't know what hit him."
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Re: [TGR] The Grand Races - Week One: The Buzz - Part 1
« Reply #3 on: November 18, 2012, 01:27:15 AM EST »

After reading and re-reading the "urgent" message he received, Zoro, sends back his response:


While I have no real experience with races, it would be my pleasure to help monitor anyone of them for you. I do understand that most races need officials to make sure everything is running smoothly. If I can aid in that manner then I will. See you at the Capital.

Zoronius Novar.
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