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Author Topic: Forum RP Etiquette and Rules  (Read 1106 times)

Ceid Ankoun

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Forum RP Etiquette and Rules
« on: September 18, 2012, 02:48:35 AM EDT »

Forum RP Etiquette and Rules

1. All are expected to uphold section one parts one, two, and three of the guild charter regarding member conduct at all times. Most importantly, part one, "the golden rule".

2. Proper grammar and spelling is a must. Please avoid leet speak and use the spell check that is built into our forum program.

3. When posting your actions keep in mind that it should read like a story, not a diary.  Writing in first person can be hard to read for some people, and your meaning can be misconstrued.

4. Posts must have something to do with the actual RP.  OOC posts need to be kept separate from the RP thread.

5. Only your character and possibly NPCs as part of your 'crew' can be controlled in your post.  You may not control another player's character without their express permission for ANY reason.  This includes stating that another player character does something or even speaking for them.  Do not do this, it is considered God Modding and is not allowed.

6. A main character cannot be killed unless they (the person to whom the character belongs) allow it.

7. No God Modding. You are NOT all powerful.

8. While flaming in character is allowed, there are certain restrictions. Flaming cannot be discriminatory towards any real-world race, religion, philosophy, gender, or sexual preference, and that they are characters attacking each other, not members insulting other members. Put another way: all flaming must be done in character.

9. Profanity is allowed, but only to a certain point.  We're all mature here, but we need to have this in writing to protect all involved.  It must be kept tasteful, be appropriate for the scene at hand and completely in character.  Let's not go overboard with it just to make your point.  Also something to consider: the Star Wars Universe is PG13 and you don't hear cursing, even by the bad guys, in the movies.  This universe we are joining also has it's own series of curses not associated with ones from the real world.

Failure to uphold these rules by anyone will result in disciplinary action taken against them. The severity of these actions will depend on the level of infraction committed.
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