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Author Topic: The Corellian Cabal - History  (Read 1003 times)

The Traven Legacy

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The Corellian Cabal - History
« on: April 01, 2012, 11:19:25 PM EDT »

To know the history of the Corellian Cabal, you must first know the finality of the Jedi Master known as Makinya Valyia.


Makinya Valyia was a Miralukan scholar, and a powerful Jedi Master. For years, she studied the intricacies of the Force in great detail. Her knowledge of the Force, at her time, was unquestioned. People from across the galaxy would come to her asking questions about ways to implement the Force into their lives in a peaceful way.

But Makinya's studies were not all peaceful and noble. Her life long goal was to find a way to transcend the physical world into the Force, and for many years, all her studies had pointed to sacrificing her life. She had studied Jedi and Sith ghosts for many moons, even so far as to learn the concepts behind Forcewalking. However, this is not even remotely close to what she wanted. She wished to be able to, on command, transcend into the Force and manipulate it at will. Once finished, she would be able to return to the physical realm. The possibilities were endless.

Makinya was close to learning the secret, to the point where she created a ritual to draw on the life essence of things around her in very small quantities to create a shell that would transcend mortal existance. Before performing the ritual, she confided in her Master, Jedi Master Drayson, what she had been able to do. It was this move that brought about her downfall.

The Jedi Council intervened on Makinya's ritual, deeming it a threat to all life. Makinya assured the Council that her ritual's life essence drain was only temporary, and posed no true threat to the galaxy. The Jedi, however, were not interested in listening to her pleas. All they could see was the misuse of her research. Her ritual was decreed a threat and that was the end of it. Makinya's whole ritual was destroyed.

Or so the Council initially thought.

Makinya continued practicing her ritual's preparations in secret, developing a way to return the life essence she drained to the things she took it from. She justified her research this way and, at long last, began her ritual.

A particularily Force-Sensitive Padawan stumbled upon Makinya's secret hideout but unfortunately, was caught in the ritual. The student, knowing nothing of the ritual other than it was draining his life essence, caused him to retreat in fear. He quickly found his way to the Council and exposed Makinya. An emergency vote decided that Makinya had crossed the line between Jedi and Sith, and Master Drayson was tasked with stopping her.

Drayson arrived in the middle of her ritual, and began to perform one of his own; a famous act of severing a user from the Force entirely, used on Darth Revan once before.

However, the two rituals reacted violently to eachother and the cataclysmic event was felt across the galaxy by every Force User or Sensitive alive.

When the shattering dissapated, Drayson felt weak and drained. The great Jedi Master that he had come to stop was gone entirely. The ritual was not meant to destroy, simply to stop.

For almost 30 years, the memory of Master Makinya haunted Drayson, but his worries were cured when the Jedi received a holocom, saying that a disturbance in the Force had been located on Coruscant. He could not beleive the Holo he was seeing; a naked, younger, unconcious Makinya lay there.

When he arrived on Coruscant, Makinya had no recollection of her former life. After convening with the Council, and realizing the Force still flowed within her, the consensus was to tell her that she was the descendant of herself. She accepted this at face value, trusting the wisdom of her masters, and was sent to Tython to retrain herself in the ways of the Force. Her drive for forbidden knowledge seemed to have almost evaporated entirely.


During this time, a second disturbance occured, cloaked by the Force itself. Only one man had noticed this disturbance on Dromaad Kaas. Darth Jadus found a small, naked woman of his own, but this one was different. Her hair was red as blood, and she looked like a normal human being. This woman had retained some of her old memories, remembering her name and a few minor details, but not enough to piece together a real life. The greatest change was, rather than just her age, this woman had eyes. Seeing the world through the Force and reality at the same time, one would swear she was not Miralukan by looking at her. Jadus took this Makinya under his wing, and gave her lessons on the Sith. While she did not actively agree with the Sith's philosophies of power, she nevertheless accepted them at face value. She began to watch and study once again, but this time, her eyes were to a different nature; The Empire, and the destructive corrupt husk it was.

The last thing Makinya remembered was her Master attempting to stop her ritual. She felt betrayed and hurt that her old master would do so, when she was so close to achieving her goals. She renounced her ties to the Jedi, and looked towards the Sith for answers. It was there she realized there was something new for her to aspire to; control. If she controlled the Empire, then there would be nothing to stop her from achieving her goals.

She left the care of Darth Jadus for Korriban's halls. Before leaving, Jadus gave her the name "Curse", which she holds to this day. There, she crafted her own variation of Sith and Jedi Codes, which she personally adheres to.

It was during this time that she met Atreya, the young, firey Zabrak who was sent to Korriban after murdering two Republic Officers and bringing a building down using the Force on an Sith Lord without any training. Despite her general need for murder and mayhem, Curse could see Atreya's thirst for knowledge, and confided in her Curse's personal Code.. Atreya was mezmerized by Curse's insight and pledged herself to Curse's service. Even before leaving Korriban, Curse had her first apprentice.

While on Korriban, Curse continued to train her eyes to see the Force cohesively with her vision. She began to recognize patterns, auras, various tremors as people. As such, she began to teach herself to actively trace people. Originally, this ability was limited to a short range around her, but over the years, she has developed it into a deadly Second Sight, reaching to distances people would not think possible.
She quickly drove through the ranks of the Sith, despite her noble nature and willingness for mercy. She never adhered to the Sith properly, nor did she actively claim to stand by them.

Curse beleives she is the future of not just the Sith, but the Empire entirely. With her apprentice, Lord Atreya, at her side, she began planning for the future of the Empire. It was during this time that she recognized a familiar aura in the Force, on the planet Tython.

It was Tormax Drayson.

Not knowing anything of the Corellian League or their members, Drayson had been the one to ruin her plan so many years ago, and now she saw an opportunity for revenge.

Her first step against the League was Jethric Traven's defection. Jethric confided many names of prominent League Members to Curse. Using this, and Jethric's extensive underground network, Curse reached out to many Imperials who either harvested grudges against members of the League, or simply relished in the chance for bloodshed.

Curse, meanwhile, had other priorities to attend to and, for a short time, disappeared without a trace. The only one who would talk to her was Atreya, and she would speak on Curse's behalf.

Atreya recruited three prominent figures to their cause, and under their leadership, the Corellian Cabal was formed. As the League prepares to move out, the Cabal whispers in secret and plots in the shadows...

And soon, Darth Curse would return to ensure that Tormax Drayson's League would fall.
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