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Author Topic: Ambush  (Read 813 times)

Anubius D'Islay

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« on: November 21, 2011, 08:38:11 PM EST »

I was part of a fifteen man squad on Alderaan. I was three days after the first major counter attack on dirtside, and it seemed that we were making some headway in kicking the damned Imps off the planet. Our patrol sector was about 3 clicks west of our base camp. This was strictly a scouting trip, our co Lt. Zorn briefed us before we went out on patrol. Told us to expect little in the way of Imperial contact but we should still expect contact. So we moved out with a standard L1 load out (weapons and ammo only) most of the heavy weapons were left behind, one heavy repeater and one grenade launcher in the squad. We all carried our own anti-personel and ion grenades but those were still few and far between.

We reached the the patrol area grid section C1-Z56, and fanned out into a staggered combat line. As we approached the ruins in the northwest section of the area E-3 Carrida our coms expert noticed some slight interference on the line and on our motion trackers, called it possible electrical interference leftover from the recent battle with all the leftover anti-droid rounds. The Lt. figured we should take a look at the ruins and clear them out, make sure there was no Imp presence.

It was when we entered those ruins that the **** hit the fan. The motion trackers lit up with 40 plus possible contacts closing in on our local in the ruins. We took cover in the building in the northwest corner for it afforded the best cover. There were 20 heavy war droids fifteen Imperial soldiers and five Sith Jedi. The heavy weapons immediately targeted the Sith while the rest of us divide up between the droids and troops. The battle raged and raged we gave as good as we got but the heavy weapons fire from the war droids were chewing through our cover quick. We abandoned the building and began to attempt a tactical retreat. Squad mates provide cover fire as we withdrew but we slowly were picked apart Cpl. Danforth went down with Carrida from a shell blast the two surviving Sith took out five more squad mates in seconds. We kept fighting, once we got clear of the ruins we used our last grenades and got the last troops and droids as they followed us though our exfil point. We stopped after the explosion to see the carnage and all we faced were the two Sith. Five on two and they still charged! The kriffing Sith seemed to dodge our fire and took the fight close Sargent  Val-Veedam went down to a quick thrust to the midsection, the Lt. got his shoulders trimmed down, leaving me and private Toth to face them. We used the last tools we had, our AP lazer mines. charging forward we threw the mines at the detonated them. Somehow they shielded themselves and redirected the shrapnel at us. Toth and I ran through he blast cloud pulling our combat knives and drove them into the necks of the 2 sith warriors.

We stopped, collapsing to the ground and breathing heavily. I called for a medivac reporting in the event and the casualties now that the com interference was gone. Toth and I were taken to a field hospital for treatment. Docs told me i would lose my right eye and have permanent scarring from the shrapnel wounds. They gave me the choice for cybernetic implants or a trip off planet. I took the implants, with the words "Gotta finish the fight".

So ends the report.
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