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  • April 29, 2017, 05:24:23 AM EDT
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Sale at Kessel Cakes in the Corellian Quarter. Be sure to mention code TK421 for a free sample of spice cake.

Server Location: The Ebon Hawk

In order to REGISTER as a member on the TCL Forums you must first complete the application below.
If you are an ally that needs to register, please contact someone within the guild in-game or use the email at the very bottom of the page.  We will get you registered manually or send you the link.

Welcome To The Corellian League

   The Corellian League guild, located on The Ebon Hawk server for Star Wars: The Old Republic, is a Republic aligned, role play centered guild. Our goal is to enhance the overall gameplay experience of both our members and the server player-base at large by encouraging a rich and vibrant community both within and outside of our guild. We are a group of dedicated gamers who are serious about playing The Old Republic, but not at the expense of fun or the responsibilities of our lives outside of the game. Our members are focused on a wide range of activities including PvE progression, endgame content (aka "Operations"), PvP and competitive gameplay, crafting and, of course, role playing.
   The most important rule that all of our members must follow is respect: respect for their fellow guild-mates and respect for all TOR players in general. Apart from this basic philosophy, we are an open minded community who welcomes members from all walks of life and MMO backgrounds....from the most battle hardened veteran to the freshest of "newbs".

   Corellia is one of the older and more prominent Republic worlds in the Star Wars Universe. A green and blue marble located in the Core, it is perfectly situated for interstellar trade. Unlike other industrial worlds, Corellia